The most important attractions in India

Friends are the special gift, from god in our life. We share everything with our friends from food to fun and when it comes to travelling, it’s a one in a lifetime to travel with the best friends.

Risikhesh is mostly famous for the adventure sports like river rafting and this is one of the best things to do with your friends if your friends also love to do it. The team spirit gives an immense joy.

anali Leh. The road here is best for biking and is very famous among youngster so if you and your friends are interested in long drives, then you can explore the curvy roads on the hill on the Manali Leh road. This will surely give you memories of a lifetime.

Andaman and Nicobar. If swimming is your passion and your friends are interested in scuba diving, then Andaman island is probably the best place you can visit for the sports. The life in the water is one of the best things to explore with your friends the mysterious underwater world with colourful corals and beautiful fishes are the things which fascinates the folks to visit the place.

Kullu Manali. If you want to run away from the busy city life and if you want to relax in the lap of nature, then Kullu Manali is the best place. The high mountains and fast flowing rivers and waterfall you and your best friends will fall in love with the place. You can enjoy Paragliding and river rafting or you can just have a dip in chilling water. Ladakh is famous for best scenes that it offers. The place is full of spectacular lakes and mountains that are rocky and beautiful. This place is also good for trekking and spending some time in the lap of valley. Bookmark and Share

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You can just dip your feet in the Sandakphu lake with your best friends and enjoy the sensation of cold water and you can also do some camping at the cold place sitting around a bonfire and remembering memories of old days.

Darjeeling. It’s the wonderland that exists in India. It’s one of the best place to visit in India with your best friends. Situated between the tall and snow-capped mountain with the highest peak Kanchenjunga that can be seen from the tiger hill in Darjeeling. It provides a magnificent scenery in the morning sunrise. Darjeeling is also called the queen of the hills. Apart from that you and your best friends can also go for a cup of fresh and worlds best tea in the natural tea gardens which is a onetime experience in life.

Jim Corbett National Park. The best way to connect with nature is to visit a national park with your friends. It will not only strengthen your bond with your friends, but also with the flora and fauna present there. Experiencing wildlife safari with friends is an adventurous experience full of thrill.

Jim Corbett national Park is the house of endangered royal Bengal tigers. With more than 400 species of plants and animal it the hub of knowledge and happiness. So, pack your bags and inform your friends for the exciting journey.

Jaipur is known as the “pink city” of India and it is the capital of Rajasthan. If your friends are interested in rich cultural heritage of India, then this is the perfect place for you to visit. You can visit well-built forts and even go for exciting camel and elephant ride in the city with your friends. The street markets are well decorated and colourful.

Kerala is known as the god’s country. It is rich in tropical beauty with lots of backwater lakes and beaches. You can visit this tropical city with your friends and you can enjoy some days in houseboat which is one of the best experience of life. The peace here will help you and your friends in discovering the questions and answers within yourselves.

Goa. Probably the best place to visit with your friends and spending your vacations in Goa. The beautiful beaches will provide you with full enjoyment and refreshments. You can also go for wind surfing in Goa.

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