Historical and natural landmarks in Ethiopia

We offer you some of the most interesting landmarks in Ethiopia, a country of ancient culture and lifestyle and of course a lot of surprises if you choose this destination among the attractions in Africa. According to scientists and archaeologists Ethiopia is the source of many historical treasures, given that it is in these parts of the Earth starts its development civilization. According to experts, found only 5% of everything that exists in these lands. Even the few landmarks in Ethiopia are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Let's start our tour in the most famous national parks is Ethiopia.

Simien National Park - located in the mountains of Ethiopia, which is one of the largest by area mountains in Africa. Here is the highest peak of the Simien Mountains - Ras Dejen (4620 m).

It is the fourth highest on the continent. Despite its proximity to the equator, the highest parts of this beautiful mountain covered year round with ice and snow. The park was created primarily to protect flora and fauna in the region. Of course you can make a trip like riding a horse in the limited places for tourists with a guide. In the plain part of Ethiopia are OMO National Park, Mago National Park and reefs Valley. You may even make rafting on the river OMO or safari in a gambela national park. Bookmark and Share

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Aksum City in Ethiopia
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Statistical data for landmarks in Ethiopia

The largest lake among landmarks in Ethiopia Lake Tana. Located at 1800 meters above sea level, with dimensions 84 km to 66 km.

Around it are some of the highest mountains in the area, which enhance the beauty of this phenomenal natural site. From Lake Tana leaves a branch of the longest river in the world, the Nile. Here is one of the largest waterfalls one of the attractions on the Nile Tissisat Falls.

Nice safari among landmarks in Ethiopia

The best option for the start of the trip to the falls is from the city of Bahar Dar. Tissisat Falls are so huge that by falling to the millions of gallons of water to produce an amazing rainbow that could be seen from miles away. Around the lake there are many places since ancient times.

Here are the Gondar castles and fortress Fassi Gebiya. Town of Gondar is the former capital of Ethiopia while she was in power Fasilidite dynasty. Fassi Gebiya fortress was built around 1635 and served as a commercial, cultural and spiritual center of the region.

The entire complex consists of 5 castle hidden behind high stone walls, much like English castles.
The most revered place of landmarks in Ethiopia is the city of Aksum.

Here in the 4th century Aksum adopted Christianity. In the whole area around and inside the city has so much historical monuments (palaces, churches and tombs) that full week will not get to visit them all.

Other landmarks in Ethiopia are the stone churches in Lilibela. Make sure to visit them because they are one of the wonders of Christian culture. These are 11 churches built in solid stone over a hundred years 12-13 century AD. Located 2,630 meters above sea level and it is assumed that the construction is carried out from top to bottom, as the highest part of every church's ground level.

For historians and archaeologists, most famous landmark in Ethiopia's Afar region and Tiya center prehistoric  and archaeological sites. There is evidence from 5 million years ago that it originated from here Ape Man.

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