The most interesting landmarks in Estonia

Natural and historical landmarks in Estonia are not few and the country not to be missed by lovers of the natural resources of our planet Earth.

Estonia is located in northeastern Europe, one of the so-called Baltic republics. This former Soviet republic has many kilometers of beaches of the Baltic Sea , while the summer swimming season is quite short . Estonia has more than 1,500 islands in the Baltic Sea , the largest are Saaremaa and Hiiumaa .

In this beautiful and well-preserved state will not find high mountains, but it does have more than 1000 lakes , and the greatest of these is Chudsko - Pskov Lake. Sightseeing in Estonia are five national parks and protected areas. History and traditions of the Estonian people are closely related to those protected natural sites.

The largest and oldest national park is Lahemaa. Here you can enjoy the pebbly beaches, picturesque marshes, fast winding rivers, large mammals unique and beautiful forests. Matsalu National Park is located in western Estonia and serves as a stop in the migration of birds from the Arctic to Western Europe.

Contrary to expectations the natural attractions in Estonia have much in common with Finland nature and attractions in Sweden. This etaka zayuoto these countries of the Baltic Sea. Bookmark and Share

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Natural landmarks in Estonia

Extremely wide variety of birds that nest around coastal meadows and pastures are a real treat for fans of the feathered world. Soomaa National Park - located in central Estonia.

Here, contrary to expectations to costs necessary to wait to come wet season. Then the majority of the park became a big swamp with lots of connecting channels. Advancement is by boat, which is quite normal for people living in the vicinity.

Historic and cultural landmarks in Estonia

Vilsandi National Park awaits you on the west coast of the island of Saaremaa and offer you a relaxing summer holiday on the beach.

Here except rare birds and orchids, you can see a large population of gray seals. Fossils and limestone terraces expect tourists to be found.

Karula National Park is one of the smallest in Estonia and is located in the southern part of the country. It is covered with low hills, meadows and lakes. There is a strange symbiosis between the local population and the earth, so that no one, no one interferes.

For every tourist visiting landmarks in Estonia must be aware that winter is severe and summers short. In the capital Tallinn also has a lot to see. The city was built by the German crusaders and even now there is a well preserved medieval walls and towers.

Signs of the Soviet Union did not missing. There are many churches, with special attention to take a Gothic cathedral "St. Olaf." Other attractions in Estonia will only mention them, not dwell in detail on them.

Kadriorg Palace of XVIII century city walls and towers in Tallinn, the Museum of the Occupation, Katariina Kaik, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the picturesque central square, which is surrounded by Gothic buildings.

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