Natural and historical landmarks in Eritrea

Landmarks in Eritrea  are part of the beautiful landmarks in Ethiopia, as until recently the territory of that east African country was part of Ethiopia. Is relatively young and international tourism in the beginning. Neighboring countries are Ethiopia, Djibouti and Sudan - all poor countries with a very low standard of living.

Overall landmarks in Eritrea are not many, because the desert is almost everywhere. Even on the coast of the Red Sea will not see greenery and luxury resorts. Dahlak Islands, which belong to Eritrea are not different views and no permanent rivers.

Only in the western territories has developed agriculture and the land is more fertile. Bred mostly sheep, goats and camels, and on plant tobacco, cotton and citrus.

The capital of Eritrea is Asmara, an interesting fact is the influence of Italian architecture.Bookmark and Share

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Little known landmarks in Eritrea

In the main street you can see the Catholic Cathedral, Roman Gate, Opera Theatre and the beautiful facade of the film "Empire".

Visit the National Museum of Asmara, where there are interesting exhibitions traditions of ethnic groups, which are many.

Northeast of Asmara is located etc. Green Belt Filfil. In the past there was seething rich life of birds and plants that are gradually disappearing because of climate change, but there is more to see now.

From the bird may be mentioned hornbill, canaries, owls, eagles and animals are monkeys, gazelle, leopard and wild boar. Near Massawa the place with the highest recorded temperature on Earth +46 degrees.

Top 10 landmarks in Eritrea

Dahlak Archipelago is another interesting landmark in Eritrea. Here is a marine national park, whose beauty is untouched by armed conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea over the past decades.

One of the most impressive landmarks in Africa is located here Danakil depression. This is the place with the highest average temperature and rainfall almost none. During the rest is very hot, and there are still a lot of uncertainty in the border areas of Ethiopia by armed conflict. Another interesting attraction is Debre Bizen monastery.

Built on a high cliff 825 meters above sea level, from which a magnificent view of the nearby valley. Can be achieved only if you walk away.

In the past, Debre Bizen monastery was used for military base and now it is forbidden to enter by women. The best time to visit the places in Eritrea is from November to April.

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