The most important Parks of the UAE

Enjoy the natural beauty of the UAE made through the eyes of an ordinary tourist. When you think about the UAE, the first thing the comes to minds is cities filled with skyscrapers, architectural feats that you will find nowhere else in the world, and amazing and construction that never seems to end.

However, the UAE is home to patches of greenery – even within the city limits – and a beautiful desert just waiting to be explored. These are just two of the amazing natural attractions that can be found in the UAE, with so many more attracting travellers from across the globe year-after-year.

We are going to explore a few of the UAE’s amazing natural wonders that shouldn’t be missed! Wildlife lovers are sure to enjoy visiting the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, a nature reserve and wetland located in Dubai. Bookmark and Share

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Natural Desert of the UAE

Many people flock to the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary to see the bright pink flamingos during Dubai’s winter months, but there are plenty of other birds to see while you’re there, and a number of bird feeding sessions that are educational and interesting. For those who not only want to explore Dubai’s incredible sand dunes, but learn about the conservation surrounding it, Dubai’s Desert Conservation Centre is a great place to start. A natural habitat where flora and fauna bloom, the conservation centre is also home to exotic migratory birds and offers the chance to get up close and personal with camels and try sand boarding. What’s more, for those who want to spend more than a day in Dubai’s Desert, there is the opportunity to spend a few nights under the clear, vast starry skies. The UAE’s coastline differs depending on where you are visiting. On the Arabian Gulf coast (west of Abu Dhabi) the coastline consists of salt flats, mudflats and white sandy beaches. However, if you want to visit the northern coastline, you will find channels and creeks that indent the coastline.

To the east, the coastline includes steep and craggy mountains that sweep all the way down to the shores of the Gulf and Oman. In addition to the many public beaches, there are a number of private beaches that can be found at different hotels in Dubai and other cities in the UAE.

Within the UAE’s cities there are a number of beautiful parks that you never thought would exist, as they are surrounded by sky scrapers. Creek Park is the perfect example. Located next to Dubai Creek – as the name suggests – this beautiful park can be found in the heart of the city and includes rolling lawns where families can enjoy a day in the sunshine. In Abu Dhabi, Capital Garden is one of the most popular parks, and is a 5.6-hectare space that is a green oasis surrounded by a concrete jungle.

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