What to visit in Cape Town

What to visit in Cape Town, a short sightseeing tour of this distant city. I don't like to write stories much, so I'll write you more practical things about the trip. I can't help with visa information because I didn't need a visa with a German passport. I flew with Ethiopian Airlines (the plane was Airbus, not Boeing) from Frankfurt with a change in Addis Ababa and I can only speak positively about them and the comfort of the flight - everything was just on the side of time, the food was delicious, there was enough legroom, the flight attendants were kind and even brought me coffee without wanting to be paid, outside of the time of serving the food. In Ethiopia, the flight change was smooth and we took off just in time. It cost me 550 euros in 2 directions, at competition prices over 1000 euros. By appointment with the hotel, there were taxis waiting for me at the airport - 300 rand went to the hotel, which is located in the Sea Point area of Cape Town. I recommend this area because it is safe, located on the coast and 30 minutes walk from the V&A Waterfront and the city center, and on the Main Road has everything your heart desires - supermarkets, shops, cafes, restaurants, almost anywhere with free internet, as well as hostels, for those who prefer a cheaper place to sleep. For those who want to pamper themselves in a hotel in more expensive and luxurious neighborhoods - look for a hotel in Bantry Bay, Clifton & Camps Bay. The photos with the sea lions are from Hout Bay. If you want to spend an unforgettable honeymoon in South Africa, do not hesitate and do it. Bookmark and Share

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What to do in Cape Town

I personally like to go for walks, so I can't say anything specific about public transport, but there are buses that go to the center. In general, prices are lower than in Germany, and coffee is 1-1.50 euros, for example. The food is very tasty, down on the piers (V & A Waterfront) there is a huge shopping center and countless restaurants.

Going to Cape of Good Hope and Table Mountain I saved them through a local site and I am very pleased - the organization was perfect. Next week we will go to a reserve, I will upload photos from there. People are very kind, I'm mega impressed with the way many different cultures have mixed evenly (at least that's my impression of Cape Town).

And for the first time, I see blacks who obviously feel good about their own skin (unlike their attention-seeking counterparts in England and the United States, who seem to have a problem with their identity). Cape Town is a good tourist destination and should not be missed. In addition to the already mentioned sights, we can add Table Mountain and Cape Point.

Interesting is the Green Point Stadium, which hosted the World Cup, and at night is illuminated and looks like a real jewel stretched out on the Atlantic coast. Be careful around the financial district, because there are a lot of homeless people there, some of whom become aggressive if you don't give them money. But overall, my impressions are wonderful, I do not rule out the option to visit Cape Town again. If anyone has questions - ask. Drive to the left, as in England.

I didn't take a car because I couldn't get an international driver's license for a while, but some English people told me that it went without. For wine lovers - the area is wine-producing and some of their best wines are made in the Stellenbosch area, which is 2 steps from Cape Town.

There are also many organized wine tasting tours. Afterword, I forgot to add - for the area of the West Coast of South Africa (Western Cape) it is recommended to put only a vaccine against hepatitis A. If you are going east to Durban and up to the Kruger National Park - you need to find out the exact areas with malaria.

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