What to see in St. Petersburg

What to see in St. Petersburg - a city impressive in history, scale and present! A year ago I realized one of my dreams - to visit Russia! Since I grew up with the glorification of the USSR, I was very curious to see with my own eyes how the situation is now! I would like to tell you right away that I was extremely fascinated by what I saw! You immediately find yourself in a very well-organized public transport environment. I took a bus to immerse myself in the rhythm of the city.

You will immediately notice the cleanliness not only on the flight but also on the boulevards and gardens. I quickly reached the center of St. Petersburg and it turned out that I was 100 meters from the hotel. This was one of the pleasant surprises - the hotel was part of a very old building. The hotel had 12 rooms offering 4-star hotel facilities. Its main advantage is that it was located 200 meters from the Winter Palace, near the subway!

The best thing about visiting Russia is the lack of a language barrier. The tour of the city began with an accidentally overheard conversation between a guide and an American group.

I will try to present this remarkable city for short in the form of a cocktail! In the big glass of Peter I, you pour London aristocracy, then Parisian nuances and secrets, put your Amsterdam canals and a little Venetian.

When you drink from this mixture you will be very happy that you had this opportunity! The people of St. Petersburg are really different from other Russians, elegant, a little nationalist, with the self-confidence of aristocrats, youthful and I firmly claim that they are quite modern! Bookmark and Share

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What are the sights in St. Petersburg

There are hundreds of tourist sites in the city and many of them are world famous and dreamed of for most travelers! The interesting thing was that the Russian language saved me a lot of time from the queues and crowds! Pre-purchased tickets from the Internet put you in some impressive queues. If you have read so far and are not bored, take a look at some unprocessed photos and you can easily insult their author, but he can do so much!

As many of you probably know, St. Petersburg can now be visited with a free e-visa. Which means this beautiful city is more accessible than ever. This summer I had the opportunity to enjoy it and I share with you some of my first impressions in photos and videos with comments on them. There is a lot to be said about the palaces, the art and the history of the city, but before that I want to share my first impressions of St. Petersburg.

Because when one goes alone and not on an organized excursion, one usually does not find oneself magically right in front of the golden fountains of Peterhof or the Hermitage. Instead, he catches the bus from the airport, "dives" in the subway, "floats" somewhere on Nevsky Prospekt and gets to the heart of the city. And five minutes here are enough to get to a concert of a rock band, a poetry recital, an exhibition of a street artist and in the meantime to turn down 20 suggestions for a boat trip on the canals.

Then you buy a local SIM card with unlimited internet and enter the Dining Room №1 to eat something with beets or cabbage. Time passes imperceptibly, and in the summer in St. Petersburg the day continues at night, as long as the three-hour twilight can be called night. Almost everything in the center is open 24 hours a day. Including flower shops. But if you want to have the strength for the next few days, you have to go home before sunset.

The distances are not small and there is a lot to walk. And the impressions accumulate quickly, because here everything is both very familiar and quite different ... St. Petersburg. A small part of what we saw in two days. The city is just as beautiful as when I last saw it more than 30 years ago. And if you haven't been here before, come and see!

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