What to do on Skopelos Island

What to do on Skopelos Island, a short first-person travelogue for those of you who need more information. I haven't seen the movie Mamma Mia and I don't think I'll watch it at all because I've already been to this fabulous place in Greece. I saw the white chapel on the rocks and the beautiful beach below, where the pictures of the film were and up there.

It is important for us how we will feel about the place, not to be influenced by any advertising. Skopelos Island is too small to be reached by car in a few days, and cycling is also good. The easiest way to get there is by ferry from the city of Volos, traveling 4 hours. The fee for the car and the driver is about 500 euros, depending on where you buy your tickets. An electric scooter option is also suitable if you have one.

Get ready for a relaxing holiday, because the place is really like that. You can also visit the nearby islands of Skiathos and Alonissos. The largest city Skopelos Chora is located on the east side, there are many nice cafes and restaurants with typical islands in Mediterranean cuisine. You will feel the spirit of the Cyclades and the houses painted in white and blue. The abundance of flowers on terraces is huge and the windows must be painted green. Bookmark and Share

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What are the sights of Skopelos

By the way, this can be seen on Mykonos and Paros. Another similarity is the number of chapels around 360, which is very similar to those in top landmarks of Santorini. In almost every house there is such a chapel, which, however, is always closed. In fact, it is best to visit Panagitsa Pyrgos, located at the main port. One of the attractions on the island of Skopelos is Agios Ioannis Castri.

Take a selfie at the foot of the cliff or climb up 110 steps to the church. In clear weather, which is always the case, there is a wonderful 360-degree view. Near the village of Agnontas there is a small rocky cape Amarandos, and next to it a place for swimming and photography.

In fact, everywhere the water is very clean and warm, so this should not be an advantage, especially for this place. Be sure to visit Castani Beach or now known as Mamma Mia Beach, remember why? Here is the longest beach on the island of Skopelos. There is a well-equipped bar with soft drinks and Panormos beach nearby. For those of you who love the monasteries and their tranquility inside, we offer you a walk to Palyuki. They are quite high and pass through unpaved roads. Don't be afraid, because they are better than most. Evangelistria Monastery we liked the most and especially the view of Skopelos Hora.

What else can you expect from Skopelos

There is another Monastery of Timios Prodromos, but because I do not like the church and so we did not go there. I forgot to say that the island of Skopelos has 5,000 inhabitants who rent houses. They know where to stand to look for clients and I can say that they are quite annoying to offer their services.

There are many elderly people sitting on the benches and they love to greet the tourists. I don't know how they don't get tired of it, but it obviously gives them some pleasure. Otherwise, they are friendly and not as annoying as their fellow citizens.

There are many cats on the streets, apparently bred, lying lazily on the street. The distances are not great on the island, and the transport is only from one bus, which runs between the beaches every hour until 19.00 local time.

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