What to do on Rottnest Island

What to do on Rottnest Island is a popular destination for residents and guests of Western Australia. It is located 18 km from the largest city of Perth. The area of the island is about 20 kmĀ² and is visited annually by about 800 thousand people. On a peak day, the number of tourists can exceed 15,000.

There are several options to get to Rottnest, by ferry from Perth, to fly a small Chesna plane or to rent a boat from the port. Before the first settlers arrived, the island of Rottnest was covered with forests that had been cut down by the Dutch. There are currently 17 protected areas, some of which are of historical value.

Remains of a population 10,000 years ago have been discovered. As local guides often like to tell tourists: All roads lead to the beach of Rottnest. A really exciting trip to Western Australia, where I saw the happiest animals in the world, namely quacks. Remember that they should not be disturbed, they should not eat or touch. Watch them from a safe distance. The best way to explore Rotto, as it is abbreviated, is by bike. A curious fact is the cats on the island of Rottnest. In the 60s of the last century they came together with the settlers and their population is growing a lot.

These cats began to destroy birds and rats, but also the local mammal. This issue is currently resolved. From the wild animals you can see two species of frogs, lizards, Australian sea lions, reptiles and several species of snakes. Bookmark and Share

Rottnest Island photogallery

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What you can see on the island of Rotnest

  • Baggy animals quokkas
  • Salt lakes
  • Cape Vlamingh Boardwalk
  • Cathedral Rocks

Many birds nest on the island: silver gull, cormorant, osprey, rock parrot and others. Another interesting fact is that during the two world wars there was a prison for prisoners of war. Living conditions were very poor and were closed immediately afterwards.

At the moment this is the airport. If you are ready for this challenge, explore the bays on the north side of Parakeet, Little Armstrong and Catherine Bays. Enjoy the view of seals having fun in the Cathedral Rocks. There is a specially built panoramic photo area. There are many restaurants in Selmont, a quiet place to relax and a sunny beach. If you prefer to dive, there is an option like Henrietta Rocks or Little S lmon Bay.

One thing is for sure, you will not be bored for a long weekend here. Everything is so calm and relaxing, we visited the lighthouse and learned a lot from its history. I was standing right at the top and I heard about the old salt plains ... A brilliant journey. We plan to visit it again this year. If you are an avid tourist and have not walked the Wadjemup Bidi trail, you should definitely give it a try! There are no cars on the island of Rottnest, as the roads that cross the island are paved. The best option is to buy a package service that includes a guide, food and tourist tax for visiting.

The ferry ride is free for children up to 12 years old. Interestingly, the water temperature around Rottnest Island can be up to four degrees Celsius warmer than on land. Charge yourself with these bright and sunny days, the perfect time to rush to explore this fabulous place. There is another attraction here, a train ride that looks more like a city tram.

It's nice. Rottnest Island, your own place to escape from the bustling city of Western Australia with a casual atmosphere, scenic scenery and some of the best beaches and bays in the world.

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