What to do on Lemnos island

What to do on Lemnos island, one of the largest islands in Greece. During the Second World War there was a military base, as it is close to the Dardanelles. You can still see a lot of soldiers walking around. Lemnos Island can be reached by plane or ferry. By ferry you can reach Kavala in about 5 hours. The island of Lemnos is known to surfers because the wind here is constant and strong. The eastern beaches specialize in kite surfing and windsurfing. The western part of the island of Lemnos is quieter, calmer, less windy. The beaches are very fine sand and the water is crystal clear. Lemnos has many bays (about 30) that are ideal for sunbathing. The island is considered one of the wild and untouched by mass tourism. There are a lot of wild rabbits on the island, I honestly don't know how they got here. Plus this place has about 30 beaches and all are pleasantly comfortable to relax in nature.

Which beaches on the island of Lemnos we visited

  • The beach of Agios Ioannis Kapaskas
  • Gomati beach
  • Keros beach
  • The salt lakes

There is not much rich vegetation on the island, we can even say that it is like a desert with very rocky soil. The highest point is 470 m. Bookmark and Share

Attractions in Lemnos island photogallery

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The unique places to visit Lemnos

Most rural roads cross the hilly terrain, but we do not recommend them for your car. Sunrises and sunsets are specific to the sea, but are in their own way beautiful. What you can eat on the island of Lemnos Culinary specialties are Kalataki cheese ripening in baskets, thyme honey and wine.

The restaurants serve wild rabbit, goat meat, fish delicacy Fagri and of course fish and seafood. It is interesting that the taverns can prepare special food that is missing from the menu and is ordered by the customer.

The church "Panagia Kakaviotisa", which has no roof and is located in a natural cave. It was built by hermits in the 15th century. It is difficult to find it in the general landscape of the area. It can be assumed that Thracians lived here in the past, but this has not been proven yet. There are many birds on the rocky shore and sea eagles are found. They nest in the rocks, feed on fish and other birds. The second landmark of Limnos is the desert area already mentioned above.

It is known as the only desert island in Europe. If you are driving, be careful not to get stuck in the sand that has been blown away by the wind. The road becomes impassable. There are a lot of movies on the internet that are shot here. It feels like you've been to the Sahara. Gomati Beach, famous among the paparazzi for its abandoned tank during World War II.

Gomati Beach is located in the western part of the island and the water here is significantly warmer than on the east coast. Pleasant place for swimming and recreation with significantly less wind. Families with children most often rest here. Conditions are good, there are restaurants, toilets, umbrellas and sunbeds. There is space for campers, tents and all kinds of water attractions.

The capital Mirina, the largest city on the island of Lemnos. The population out of season is about 6,000 people. Typical seaside village, quiet and peaceful. It becomes overcrowded in July and August, but this is an expected phenomenon. The town of Mirina has its own charm, which cannot be explained.

An ideal place for an evening walk is the preserved fortress above the city. It is quite impressive, a great defensive facility in the past.

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