What to do in Lugano

What to do in Lugano, the southernmost city in Switzerland, part of the canton of Ticino. You can often hear Italian spoken here, as Italy's proximity is palpable. The town of Lugano is located on the lake of the same name, around which the Alps rise.

Next to Lake Lugano are the more famous lakes Como and Maggiore. The place is quite charismatic and not as famous as, for example, the city of Geneva and old Lucerne. In fact, the old part of the city can be toured in just one day and you will even have time to sit in a restaurant and drink a cup of hot Italian coffee with cake.

The city of Lugano is not a classic Swiss destination, but it is an important financial center. We have seen many people who are not Swiss and are most likely migrants. They behave as freely as if they were locals. Tourists at this time of year are few because the Pavid 19 pandemic has not yet passed.

We can take an example in every respect from the Swiss, but we will never catch up with them because our thinking is different. I thought they were smiling people and I can even say happy, but that's another topic for reflection. Bookmark and Share

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Landmarks in Lugano photogallery

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What are the most important sights of Lugano

  • The Museum of Art
  • Museum of Swiss
  • Customs Wilhelm Schmid
  • Museum Gottardo Gallery
  • The Church of St. Mary of the Angels
  • St. Lawrence Cathedral

We liked the city of Lugano very much because of the calm atmosphere and the rich architectural heritage. There are three major streets that are pedestrian areas.

This is very good for us tourists. The cleanliness is extremely high and everything is very well maintained. As already mentioned, the distance between the individual attractions and parks is very small. For this reason, you do not need to rent a car or bicycle.

We spent most of our time taking pictures around St. Lawrence Cathedral. There are typical for the period Gothic and Baroque elements in its facade. The cathedral is made of white stone and marble with well-arranged biblical statues and ornaments. If you are attracted to museums, we offer you the exposition in the four halls of the Museum of Culture.

The park around it is extremely well arranged as a botanical garden. There are tropical and Mediterranean plants here, due to the mild climate in this part of Switzerland. We were not able to take a boat trip in Lake Lugano, but it must be exciting to do so on our next visit.

There is also a central beach, which in summer is probably full of visitors, but the water of the lake is too cold to fully enjoy. The prices of all the attractions here are terribly expensive, but it's Switzerland, isn't it?

Of course, we have been to other cities in Switzerland and we can safely say that we liked Geneva the most. We have written a separate travelogue for that, which you can read on our website.

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