Wadi Shab Oman

Wadi Shab Oman is one of the most famous and beautiful canyons - an oasis in the desert where water and other erosion factors have created unique landscapes! Crossing the canyon is an adventure full of emotion, adrenaline, and for us, with a certain amount of drama at the end.

The trek begins with a rocky path leading to amazing pools of crystal clear blue water surrounded by sand cliffs and palm oases. At the end of the trail, you part with the emotion and switch to adrenaline as the rest of the canyon is traversed by swimming through three deep lakes separated by froggy, slippery rocky sections.

For those who have overcome these challenges, nature has prepared a reward - at the end of the third lake there is a hidden cave with a waterfall, to enter which you swim through a narrow and deep gap between the rocks. At first we hesitated whether to enter, but nothing is impossible for Capricorns (especially when there are two of them), and we went full steam ahead! Bookmark and Share

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And here came the drama - we almost got stuck in the middle of the gap, but thanks to a kind gentleman who literally pulled us out of there, we managed to enter the cave, and then, with his help, to get out of it! It was an amazing experience, it was our amazing adventure in Paradise.

The Wadi Shab Valley is one of attractions in Oman, about a two-hour drive from Muscat, the capital of Oman. Most travelers arrive from Muscat, passing through a mountain gorge on a rocky plateau to the coast. There are many spring water springs on the way which are used by local people everywhere.

The main purpose of the trip is the seven lakes located in the valley between the mountains, representing an extremely picturesque sight! The oasis is located in the gorge, among a large number of tall palm trees. To get to the lakes, you can only swim in a river by boat or go on water, while for many people the depth of one and a half meters will be an insurmountable obstacle.

Perhaps, unlike other similar places, there are relatively few people here. As in all wadis, one has to be extremely sharp and at the slightest sign of rain postpone this trip as everyone here remembers the 2004 tsunami when Wadi Shab was badly affected. Powerful torrents of water then washed away everything in their path, destroying roads and uprooting dozens of palms.

Since then, all the consequences of the flood have been eliminated, although even now you can sometimes see the remains of palm forests that have not yet recovered. The lakes in the Wadi Shab valley are surrounded by a large number of palm trees and fruit trees, the water is green and very clean and a very picturesque landscape.

Which makes Wadi Shab a very popular holiday destination not only among travelers who come to Oman from all over the world, who they like to come here on weekends with the whole family.

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