Vacation on Reunion Island

Vacation on Reunion Island, a small piece of land located near the large and famous island of Madagascar. I had never heard of it until two years ago when I read an advertisement by one of the major airlines for a ticket promotion that included Mauritius and Reunion Island. We were born on the seashore and the opportunity to lie on the beach in Mauritius did not appeal to us.

Thus came the idea to "explore" this "new" place. And it turned out to be extremely interesting. First, because it is part of France, ie. from the European Union. Second, because although it is only 2,500 square kilometers, its nature and climate are extremely diverse. Due to its volcanic origin and tropical climate, the vegetation is magnificent and the remarkable tamarind forests can also be seen. While by the beach the temperature is usually around 30 degrees, high in the mountains, only a few kilometers away, it is quite cool.

The highest peak is over 3000 m, and there are many others. A wonderful place for mountaineers, climbers and shark lovers. Here, most beaches are prohibited for swimming due to the highest concentration of sharks in the world and naturally the most victims. But there is a lagoon surrounded by corals and 40 km long, where bathing, swimming, diving, kayaking and all the rest are an absolute pleasure. The underwater world is colorfully magnificent.

Before the Suez Canal was built, Reunion Island was an important stop for all ships on their way to India and China. Bookmark and Share

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What are the natural attractions of Reunion

  • Piton de la Fournaise – an active volcano with many mountain trails
  • Piton des Neiges - an active volcano with many hiking trails
  • Mafate - caldera of a volcano
  • Cascade de Grand Galet – several waterfalls combined into one and a canyon with a river
  • Trou de Fer – a very picturesque high waterfall
  • Plage de Boucan Canot the most visited and exotic beach on the island

On this sweltering July day, I suggest a cool walk around landmarks of Reunion Island with views of the Indian Ocean. It is the third largest ocean, covers 20% of the Earth's surface and is the warmest. Strong monsoon winds blow during the dry season, but the tropical sunset is unique. Low oxygen content in ocean water hampers marine diversity.

But you can see dolphins and turtles, which we managed to photograph. Local authorities are making serious efforts to enforce environmental regulations for tourists and to protect the unique 7 km long natural coral reef and marine animals in the lagoon off Hermitage Beach. Diving in the lagoon, part of the La Reunion reserve, is permitted provided that the diverse colorful fish are kept and not disturbed.

Of course we complied. The implementation and study of similar activities for the conservation and protection of natural heritage have also become part of the curriculum of the entrepreneurship education under the Start-up Lighthouse project, Erasmus+. These innovative approaches will be implemented during the 6th edition of the Innovation Camp for Girl Entrepreneurs in October 2022.

The last eruption of the Piton de la Fournaise volcano was in 2005. Then the lava destroys a large part of the places near it, all the way to the seashore itself. The Hermitage Lagoon is a protected area, with the underwater reef offering perfect conditions for diving.

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