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Hello to all travelers! I want to share with you some photos from the trip to Kauai Island, the oldest Hawaiian island of the four important islands of Hawaii. We have been here for a few days and we decided to combine our sea vacation with a tour of the island. Although the island of Kauai is small, we have traveled almost 560 km so far by car rental. We took a jeep, which is highly passable, because of the many muddy roads here.

The nature is amazing - green and very different from what can be seen on other Hawaiian islands. Life is much slower than Oahu and Maui, and Kauai garden island is much wilder and less noble. The towns are small and the nature is preserved to the maximum. Some natural attractions are difficult to reach by car or visible only by helicopter. 80% of the island's territory is uninhabited and consists of volcanic mountains and inactive volcanoes.

This island is full of wild roosters - they roam undisturbed everywhere, because there are no predators to destroy them. A rooster jumped on our moving car, hit our windshield, but survived. I just want to mention the most important sights on the island, which we visited for the short time we spent here. Bookmark and Share

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What can we see in Kauai Island

We start naturally with the beaches, which are not many, due to the nature of the island, but I was impressed by the fact that there are no paid areas, as well as many people. For example, there were only two beach volleyball nets on Kalapaki Beach.

There are no umbrellas on beaches of Hawaii and they are all public. A wonderful place for swimming and for all kinds of water sports. Kee Beach - very popular among young tourists because of the advertisement from the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean". Very picturesque beach located between Limahuli stream and NaPali Coast. The car park is not very large and fills up quickly by 10 am local time.

Here the road ends and the coastal cliffs of Kauai begin, which can be explored by helicopter or boat tour. Tunnels Beach is located in the northern part of the island of Kauai and offers many options for lovers of the sea. Snorkelling, windsurfing or just sunbathing on the wet sand.

There are lifeguards on Tunnels Beach who secure the entire perimeter and monitor the safety of tourists. The road there is narrow and uneven, so you have to come early to find a place to park your car. Polyhale - "The beach at the end of the world". There are legends about this beach that the souls of the dead went here before continuing to the afterlife. This is the longest beach, 17 miles covered with sand dunes and fine sand. It is good to bring an umbrella to protect you from the sun, because there are no trees nearby.

Part of Polyhale Beach is occupied by a military zone, but there are many convenient picnic areas. There are toilets, showers and dining tables. You need a permit to camp here. The road is very badly littered with potholes and ruts. For those of you who like canoeing, there is a similar attraction on the Wailua River.

There is also a beautiful Opaeka Falls, although not very large and a prehistoric Makauwahi Cave. We also visited a coffee farm - Kauai Coffee Company - the largest coffee farm in the United States. Tortoise Sanctuary a place where giant tortoises and the Kilauea lighthouse are bred in the wild - the northernmost point of Kauai. We took a lot of panoramic photos of Waimea Canyon - the Grand Canyon of the Pacific Ocean - see the gallery to the article.

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