Coron Palawan Cebu and Shargao Islands

Travel to Coron Palawan Cebu and Shargao Islands, there is no place that has evoked so many different emotions in me, that has been so colorful, contrasting and exciting. After taking office, in less than two months, he killed nearly 2,000 drug addicts, dealers and citizens involved in drugs in general. Well, there are no more drugs, there is no smoking in public places, and as we found out from the locals, he still mentions in every speech how much he hates drugs and criminals. The man is truly a cowboy, as they call him.

Now a bit more specific – the Philippines is for adventure, definitely NOT for lazy tourists, NOT for those looking for luxury, tranquility and cocktails on the beach. It's not that there aren't glitzy hotels at extremely high prices compared to other destinations. But even if you're willing to pay, if you don't leave the hotel, it's like you've never been to the Philippines. The islands we visited were Coron, Palawan (El Nido), Cebu and Shargao.

I don't hear much about Coron and El Nido. Not that the nature is not unreal, not that the lagoons and lakes do not have the cleanest and turquoise water, but the crowds of tourists for us came in excess. How does one enjoy a lagoon full of dozens of boats, hundreds of people and screaming Asians. Well, probably the fact that Twin Lagoon stole our rings brings back bad memories for me, so if someone traveling to Coron finds them somewhere on the bottom - they are ours. Therefore, if I were yet to organize a trip to Coron, I would join Big Dream Boatman Expeditions tours. Three nights in a tent on the deserted islands around Coron and three days of touring, away from mass tourist. Bookmark and Share

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Regarding Palawan and El Nido, I would hire a private boat with a very early departure so as to avoid the crowds at the popular destinations and allow at least a day for a scooter tour around the island which also has a lot to offer. That was exactly the plan we had for part of our time there, until food poisoning caught up with us and confined us to the toilet and bed for nearly two days.

Ask me how at noon, in the heat of the moment, feeling what is coming to us, we travel nearly an hour, on a scooter from Nakpan Beach to the hotel. Realistically, if I were making my schedule now, I would replace El Nido and Coron with Linapacan or more time on Shargao, and in my fondest dreams, with Balabac. We only went to Cebu for the Kawasan Falls canyoning. Well, it was pretty cool, even for a slob like me.

If you are ready to jump from 15 meters, then you will be at least as happy as my husband. I recommend Cyan Adventures for the simple reason that they were the only ones to provide full gear with wetsuits, which given the water temperature and the descents down the natural slides was a jackpot. And so we arrive at Shargao Island. Often placed in the top three of the most beautiful islands in the world. I'm not sure there is another place with so many palm trees per unit area.

The extremely unpleasant hand of commercial tourism has yet to hit Shargao. There is no unnecessary luxury, pomp and thousands of tourists. On the other hand, it has that free, positive and cool island spirit. A point of attraction for surfers and adventurers, for young and smiling people, grabbing full handfuls of the energy of this place. Here we chose to do a group excursion with the aim of meeting other cool people. And so it happened, another Bulgarian, Spaniards, American and other like-minded people of the same frequency, with whom we partied in the evening at Loose Keys - a place where you will listen to cool music and drink the cheapest rum.

Actually the party is in a different place every night, Friday Loose Keys, Saturday Harana and so on. Whoever you ask where the party is tonight, everyone will tell you and invite you to join the company. The second trip to Corregidor Island we did by ourselves, we rented a boat, bought food from the market, and the local women of Corregidor took care of cooking it. In my opinion island is a must see when you are in Shargao.

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