The most important sights in Gdansk

The most important sights in Gdansk, a beautiful place for an exciting weekend. The only thing I remember about him from my childhood is that he is in Poland and is a port city on the Baltic Sea. I had even forgotten that this is where World War II broke out in 1939. Only 3 days in Gdansk, and I am in love with this awake, beautiful and charming city!

Life is in full swing, you can't be bored for a moment, and the weather changes in minutes - scorching sun, black clouds or humid air after a short rain! Beauty is everywhere and even the camera is not enough to capture it. I have the feeling that I am in Prague and Amsterdam at the same time - Scandinavian style with Slavic antiquity and coziness.

Polish Gdansk is built in Dutch style, has a charming Old Town with a lot of history. The food is great, so are the prices. Ideal for weekend adventures.

Cathedral Basilica "Assumption of the Blessed Virgin", Gdansk Archdiocese. It was built in the period 1343 - 1502, quite an impressive building entirely in red. Bookmark and Share

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What can we expect from sights in Gdansk

  • The Fountain of Neptune
  • Cathedral Basilica "Assumption of the Blessed Virgin
  • Mariacka Street
  • World War II Museum

The style is brick Gothic with a huge gate at the main entrance. Inside you can see a copy of Michelangelo's Pieta, the main altar and astronomical, which is still in operation.

Museum of the Second World War - an interesting construction at least in appearance. We were unable to enter because it was closed. There are a lot of scary things that are worth seeing. To feel the horror of war.

The Fountain of Neptune is located in the central part of the old town of Gdansk. The location is easy to find. The statue is bronze and is a favorite meeting place especially for young people on cool summer evenings.

Mariacka Street - the main shopping street of GdaƄsk, where you can buy quality amber products. Visit the old port of the Motlawa River and enjoy the medieval wooden port crane Zhuravli. A boat trip on the river is a must. If you love museums, the city of Gdansk is the right place.

Here are the History Museum, the Naval Museum, the Green Gate Museum of Architecture, etc. I don't remember the last time I was so surprised by a European destination, only a 2 hour flight with low fares Wizzair or Ryanair and the modest amount of 50 euros for a return ticket !!!! I present to you a Polish city that I was fascinated by - Gdansk.

I have rarely seen so many beautiful buildings in one place in another European city. And all this, given that 90% of the buildings were destroyed during World War II. People have found a way to restore much of the splendor of the city.

Amazing atmosphere in Poland city. Impulsive journey, unforgettable emotions! I highly recommend it as a destination during the summer months.

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