The highest peaks in Switzerland

The highest peaks in Switzerland, which I managed to photograph during my short trip to this part of Europe. Don't think it's an easy endeavor. This is Switzerland. It took me exactly 3 days to get from Zurich to Zermatt. The truth is in getting up early and constantly traveling from one place to another. The first day I was in Lucerne, left my luggage and immediately went up to Pilatus. The next day I went to Grindelwald and went up to First. The view there is just amazing. Then I took the train to Jungfrau, spent a few hours on the snowy beauties and from there descended to Lauterbrunnen. This place is magical to me. These waterfalls, this peace and quiet. The last day I traveled to Zermatt, Gornergrat and the majestic Matterhorn, then I went to Geneva (I did not like and went to spend the night in Annecy). I apologize if I messed up a city name. Here I want to think a little about how everything is built. The photos I have attached to this article show very well made and accessible sites, such as hotels, chalets and even slopes. Bookmark and Share

Switzerland Grindelwald First
Switzerland Grindelwald First
Switzerland Grindelwald First
Switzerland Grindelwald First road
Switzerland Grindelwald First view

Peaks in Switzerland photogallery

Switzerland Jungfrau hut
Switzerland Jungfrau peaks
Switzerland Jungfrau
Switzerland Lauterbrunnen fall
Switzerland Lauterbrunnen falls
Switzerland Lauterbrunnen haus
Switzerland Lauterbrunnens
Switzerland Lauterbrunnen trains
Switzerland Maternhorn Gornergrat railway
Switzerland Pilatus panorama

The most beautiful peaks in Switzerland

But how is this possible to happen, it's a mountain, and most likely the building laws apply here as well. There are eco activists who were against this, judging by the cases of abuse in our Bulgarian latitudes. There is no doubt that everything is very well maintained and clean, but the prices are quite high even for the average European. Everything is built so that it is beautiful, even if you do not feel the human interference in nature. There are clear rules and everyone follows them. I especially liked the Jungfrau region and its most impressive peaks: Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. Here are located four of the most famous resorts in Switzerland:

  • Lauterbrunnen
  • Grindelwald
  • Wengen
  • Mürren

Focus on the photos showing the Lauterbrunnen valley and its pretty wooden houses scattered chaotically among the meadows. It's like looking at a postcard, it's so beautiful and somehow tidy. The next day I was in the town of Grindelwald in the canton of Bern. In winter, it is the ski resort of Interlaken County and a starting point for climbing the Wethorhorn, Mönch, Eiger and Jungfrau peaks. Its population is about 3800 people who are engaged in tourism or are already retired. I also want to describe my impressions of the village of Zermatt, although for me it is a city, but this is another topic. German is spoken here, although it is very close to the Italian border. Around Zermatt there are several four thousandths and the highest peak in Switzerland Dufour 4634 meters. Another interesting detail is the ban on cars in the city. Only electric cars and electric bicycles are used in summer. The population is about 5 thousand, but with tourists in the summer the city of Zermatt doubles. I am far from thinking that in these few days I have seen everything about the sights of Switzerland and the Alps, but this is a start to come again, to recharge with another dose of adrenaline and grandeur.

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