Sightseeing in the ancient city of Pinara Turkey

The ancient city of Pinara Turkey is also often painted by the Lycian Petra, as it remains in the rocks resembling those of the city of Petra in Jordan. It stays a little out of the way of the Lycian travelers because it is far from their routes. It was first mentioned this time by the Englishwoman Kate Clow, who was actually popularized. If you choose this part in Turkey you will visit wonderful beaches, gorgeous sea, ancient cultural phenomena, canyons, hiking, rivers, delicious food, hospitable hosts, impeccable waters, a great group and new friendships.

The total length of all roads is about 540 km, divided between the cities of Fethiye and Antalya. Most of the sights worth seeing are between the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean coast. The city of Pinara was founded about 500 years before the new era by settlers who lived on the island of Crete. There is a theory that the people of Ksantos came here and founded the city of Pinara.

It is believed that the name of the city comes from Likiski, which means round hill. The Acropolis of Pinara is built on such a rounded hill, from which the whole valley opens up to the Mediterranean Sea. Bookmark and Share

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What can we see in the ancient city of Pinara

Access is quite difficult, as is the mystical stone city of Petra. It passes through winding narrow roads to reach rectangular producers cut into its eastern slope. It is difficult to call the whole place on the mountain, because it rises only about 500-600 meters above sea level.

Preserving the latest implementation of modern civilization is thanks to this distance from the trade route. There is a kind of mystical atmosphere when you watch all this. Besides me, the city of Pinara was a religious center and a place of worship for:

  • The gods in ancient Lycia.
  • The ancient Hellenic culture
  • cult of the gods Apollo
  • Aphrodite and Athens

are used everywhere.

What you can see in the ancient city of Pinara. In the first place in the middle of me is the Temple of Aphrodite and a huge number of manufacturers and sarcophagi. Do not miss the sanctuary in Pinara, which is very well carved into the rocks. Use the mastery of the ancient rock masters. The royal tomb is the work of artificial cutters in the stone, who decorated everything to the last detail.

In the lower part of the town of Pinara there is a well-preserved Greek amphitheater, which can be seen from the high plateau. If you choose this route to visit in Asia Minor, you enchant day tours, overnight stays in small family hotels, many nutritious foods that are famous Turks. The specialty here is with refreshing drinks made from orange, pomegranate and lemon. Take with you only small backpacks with the essentials for the day and enter the search and enjoyment.

For a holiday after a difficult transition, there are enough beautiful beaches and restaurants to combine the useful with the pleasant. An interesting detail is that the city of Pinara is not often mentioned in ancient chronicles, which is proof of its mystery and mysticism.

For this reason, there are few visitors who are good for you, because they will be used in this ancient city.

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