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Singapore at night, great high resolution photos. Singapore or the "City of Lions" (from Sanskrit), in fact there are no official reports of lions in these places, but back in time, according to legend, during a visit to the prince of Sumatra, an animal resembling a lion appeared to him and he took it as an omen and so the city of Singapore got its name.

Singapore is one of the most exciting places in Southeast Asia to visit. The culture is nothing of what we know in our European territories, and it further arouses our curiosity about the local culture. City, capital, country or 3 in 1, one of the three city-states in the world (along with Monaco and the Vatican) is in the forefront of the most dynamically developing countries in the world.

An extremely beautiful place filled with amazing sights and entertainment, from restaurants of the best chefs from around the world, through night safaris to unforgettable views combining unique architectural solutions intertwined with the exotic tropical landscape bordering on science fiction.

Gardens hanging on the buildings, temples, teahouses, malls and shopping streets, parks and gardens... Facts many and extremely impressive. In 1826, when Singapore was visited by Sir Stamford Rifle, about 1,000 Malays and 20-30 Chinese were counted on the island, currently the population is over 5.6 million, with a larger percentage being Chinese - just over 70%, due to the many ethnos officially recognized languages are 4 - English, Malay, Chinese (Mandarin) and Tamil. Bookmark and Share

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What to see in Singapore at night

According to local plans, the city is "estimated" to expand to 8 million and regulations are extremely strict about migration to limit and control the population. Landmarks in Singapore are one of the cleanest, most efficient in every respect, greenest and safest country in the world.

The laws are so strict that if you don't follow them, you'll be out of pocket by a few thousand in a very short time, and can lead to arrest, caning and even a harsh sentence. The infrastructure is extremely well developed - the metro takes you everywhere in an extremely short time, buses, taxis, and you don't need a car unless you're here permanently, left-hand drive cars (like ours) are not allowed by law.

There are mosquitoes, but mostly in the outskirts due to the proximity to protected natural parks and areas, but with a little preparation (repellent and antimalarial pills) we are all alive and well. Several beaches, Universal Studios, Formula 1 circuit on city streets, museums and attractions, zoo, botanical gardens, cable car above the city - further facilitates access to attractions, parks, golf clubs, polo grounds.

Sentosa Island, and besides world business center Singapore has become a center and an attractive place for all kinds of tourism and entertainment. City parks and areas for tai chi practice or simply for sports and recreational activities are everywhere. Marina Bay, Sinagapur River, Sentosa Island, Little India, Orcher Road, China Market and many more popular locations are enticing to visitors from all over the world. Sand Sky Park is an architectural marvel, "landed" on the three towers of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, it is the most expensive casino complex in the world (8 billion with the grounds).

On the bay side every night (depending on weather conditions) is the water-laser show with sound, visuals, soap bubbles, smoke, it's free, and on the other side is the Gardens by the Bay park - with an equally attractive light and laser show accompanied from sound and light in different colors, laser effects and a futuristic motif.

Amazing experience...worth it! According to everyone's desire and ability, there is a paid entrance to the gardens ("Alice in Wonderland" is literally a children's story compared to the live experience).

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