Similan Islands Thailand

Similan Islands Thailand ten islands in the Andaman Sea. They are located about 70 km from Khao Lak, the nearest place where you can take a motor boat. You can do the whole tour in one day, and you have to get up very early in the morning. There are options for staying on the largest island of Koh Similan in small hotels or luxury guest villas.

Currently, prices are very low due to lack of tourists. The reason for this is the Corona virus and all its other consequences. A good option is to find a trip to the islands on the spot, rather than using tour operator.

Not only will it be cheaper for you, but you will also have the opportunity to communicate with the local population. This way you will receive valuable information from the source about their way of life.

We were impressed that in Thailand most people are smiling, which works very well for our walks among them. They are not impudent and do not beg, they are very helpful, although they do not speak English well. It is no coincidence that Thailand is called the land of thousands of smiles. Bookmark and Share

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Similan Islands Thailand 15
Similan Islands Thailand 14
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What you can see on the Similan Islands

We were in Thailand two years ago and failed to visit the Similan Islands National Park.

  • Crystal clear waters
  • Large variety of marine life
  • Coral reefs
  • Interesting rock formation on land

On the largest island, near the most visited beach, there are large granite stones, which are very similar to those of the Seychelles, and in particular the island of La Digue.

Smooth and huge, stacked on top of each other, you can certainly be mistaken that you are in the Seychelles, especially since the climate is the same. The best beaches we recommend are Ao Kuerk Bucht.

There are rules for visiting these islands, as they enter a protected area. It is forbidden to feed the animals, especially the rare turtles that nest on Koh Similan Island and Ko Miang Island. The number of visitors is limited, although this is not a problem at the moment because of Kovid 19.

As the Similan Islands are close to the best beaches in Phuket, it is also an option to visit them from there, but you must take a boat early in the morning. To shoot with a drone, for example, you need an additional permit from a local tourist office, and not, as in the rest of Thailand, to pay online for this.

The main attraction of the Similan Islands is snorkeling. The transparency of the water is extremely high up to 35 meters deep. There are many coral reefs and a rich wildlife of small and large colorful fish.

The best time to visit is from May to October. During the other seasons it is forbidden for tourists. The whole tour to the Similan Islands costs about $ 140 including lunch.

It is best to do it on the spot, because it is most profitable. The guides will take care of the rest, so enjoy this wonderful place, which we think is a real paradise.

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