Sightseeing in Rab island Croatia

Sightseeing in Rab island Croatia, the happiest place in this part of Dalmatia. There are over 20 sandy beaches located in the western part of the island. Most of them are very small, located in picturesque bays, where tourists can lay their towels and bask in the hot sun. Tourism on the island of Rab Croatia is 120 years old, and the most popular place is the eponymous town of Rab, which is the third most populous.

Before him in the ranking by population is the town of Lopar and the town of Barbat. Approximately about 1,000 people each. My family and I were guests in the town of Rab and we can safely say that we really liked it here. The destination is ideal for a family vacation with young children. Bookmark and Share

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What are the most interesting sights Rab island Croatia

The water is warm and crystal clear, the sea is shallow and the bottom is visible, like the fish that swim. Here everyone can find the perfect beach to their liking: there are nudist beaches, secluded bays, dog beaches and secluded beaches in search of love.

Much of the town of Rab is located in the old part, around which there are well-preserved fortress walls. Two famous bell towers in the city ring every hour and are heard everywhere. These are the Romanesque tower of the Church of the Assumption and the tower on the ruins of the Church of St. John the Evangelist.

The monastery of the church "St. Justin" from the 16th century is now a museum with sacred objects. The old town attracts with its cobbled streets and beautiful historic buildings from different times. They are cramped and there are souvenir and clothing stores everywhere.

The patron saint of the island of Rab is St. Christopher, whose skull is kept as a sacred relic. According to legend, St. Marin, who founded San Marino in 301, managed to hide on the island of Rab, because at that time Christians were persecuted by the Roman Empire. It is named after the most famous beach, which you can see in the gallery of photos I have published.

On the island of Rab Croatia there was an Italian concentration camp, which I could not see and climb to the highest point of the island, Mount Kamenjak 401 meters above sea level. In general, people live from agriculture and fishing. There is also a small shipyard for small vessels.

In recent decades, part of the livelihood has fallen on tourism. There is a daily ferry connection with the mainland between Mishnjak - Jablanac. The passenger catamaran Rijeka - Rab - Novalja is about 15 minutes away. I recommend visiting this small island of Croatia, you will not regret it.

From everything written so far, it can be concluded that if you are in this part of the Mediterranean, you can visit the other attractions in Croatia and landmarks of Montenegro. You will surely be impressed by the locals and the delicious Mediterranean food. We look forward to sharing your impressions of this beautiful place on Earth.

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