Sightseeing in Brissago Switzerland

Sightseeing in Brissago Switzerland on the west shore of Lake Maggiore. Its location is crucial because it is close to the Italian border in the canton of Ticino. It makes sense to speak mostly Italian and German. My impressions that remain in my mind are that it is a small town on the border between Switzerland and Italy.

I never thought that the combination of palm trees, snow and mountains could fit together so well. Yes, you read palm trees correctly. In winter, they are wrapped in nylon to keep the temperature of the wood higher and not to freeze. If you happen to have more free time, you can go by boat to the island of Brisago.

There are regular services from Locarno and Ascona to Brissago. There is a small botanical garden on the island with peacocks and endemic plants that are typical of the subtropical zone.

This is the only such garden located on an island in Switzerland. I don't really know how many islands Switzerland has, but this island of Brissago impressed me. It is suitable for a romantic walk and that's it. There is also a small bamboo forest, a small beach and a greenhouse.

There is also a Roman bath, which is quite attractive. In the middle of the island there is a villa Emden.

It was built in the thirties of the last century in neoclassical style. There are hotel restaurants where large celebrations can be held. Bookmark and Share

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What are the attractions of Brissago

  • Isole di Brissago Botanical Garden
  • Church of S. Maria Addolorata del Sacro Monte
  • The Church of the Madonna del Ponte

In my humble opinion, you don't need to stay here for more than a day. An unforgettable walk, if the weather is favorable of course. Just to remind you that it rains every third day of the year and the weather is humid.

However, summers are cool due to the proximity of Lake Maggiore to the surrounding mountains. A better option is to take a boat trip around Lake Maggiore and its islands. Most of them are in the Italian part of the lake.

Of course, a better option is to go to Lake Geneva if you are avid tourists, but here it is nice to walk. The biggest impression in this canton of Switzerland made us the old Lucerne. We already have a travelogue for this place, so we will not set aside a special place here. Sightseeing in Brissago Switzerland, a romantic place and an even more interesting island of the same name. Enjoy a relaxing weekend in the nature of Switzerland.

Very clean and tidy small town with narrow two-way streets that meander along the mountain slope. I was also impressed by the way it was parked. There are special places left for cars, but I didn't know if they were paid or public. The air is very fresh mountain.

I did not see fishing boats or fishermen anywhere. Either it was not fishing season or it was banned. The water in Lake Maggiore is crystal clear because it comes from melting snow or rain.

The island of Brissago is not flooded, which means that the level of the lake is regulated in some way. Since we did not have a guide to guide us around the area and answer these questions, we were content with speculation.

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