Paradise beach Phuket

Paradise beach Phuket is one of the three most beautiful on this most visited island in Thailand. We are here for the second time because the place is really fabulous. As there are currently almost no tourists due to the Kovid 19 pandemic, we allow ourselves a little pampering here. It is located 10 minutes from Patong and can even be reached on foot.

Because for Paradise Beach there is an entrance fee of 100 Thai baht or about 3 dollars, which is not very expensive. The fee includes transport from Patong every 30 minutes, free fruit smoothie, sun loungers and clean toilets. You can't even bring mineral water on the beach, they check you at the entrance. The prices in the restaurant are good.

For example, a seafood salad is about $ 6, a crab is $ 10, an Italian pizza is about $ 7, and so on. The food is delicious and surprisingly cheap! There is music all day, the beach has fine white sand, and very clean. The water is warm and clean, and there are no stones or corals on the bottom. I want to admit that this is one of my beautiful beaches in South Phuket.

We were on the island of Phuket for 4 weeks and traveled a lot by scooter rental. The local population has a commercial interest in us. They look at your hands and always want money for everything. They are friendly, but they don't like to talk to tourists much unless they want to sell you something. Bookmark and Share

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Why we wanted to come to Phuket Paradise Beach

  • There are wonderful conditions for families with children
  • Free first aid
  • Rescue service
  • Minimarket
  • ATMs

The playground here is very well equipped, there is a volleyball court, of course Thai massage, which we missed. There is free Wi-Fi, a bar and pavilions near the newly built hotel. If you stay in the evening when the sun goes down you will see a fire and laser show, as well as an open-air disco.

Demonstration of Thai dances and live music and very tasty barbecue food await there. When to visit the best beches in Phuket. An interesting question to which there is only one answer.

From November to mid-May is best, because then the monsoons begin and with them come the torrential rains. Made an impression on me that prices have not fallen because of the Corona virus, such as on the island of Bali. There are two types of people here.

One is the local population, which is quite poor by Thai standards and those who came from Europe, America or Australia. The latter have bought properties or built small hotels, which keeps the prices of services in general high. This is not the case, for example, in Indonesia or Malaysia. I dare say that these newcomers from other continents are much older, and they are trying to impose their way of life and thinking on the local population.

And this is where the attitude towards us tourists comes from. They think we are a money box or walking ATMs. After this lyrical digression, we wish you a pleasant viewing of the photos to this exciting article.

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