Palcoyo mountain in Peru

Palcoyo Mountain in Peru, also known as "Rainbow Mountain in Peru". In the last 15 years it has become more and more popular than the photos published by tourists. He even has his own Facebook and Instagram page.

In fact, they are several such places, and the most famous and colorful is Vinikunka, which is often closed to visitors, as it has been for several months now. So we headed to Palcoyo, where the circular route passes through a beautiful peak with protruding sharp stones and a height of just over 5,000 meters. I'm uploading a few photos without any processing to bring the colors closer to the ones we saw. In such places an important condition is to be lucky and enjoy a person in sunny weather.

What is Mount Palcoyo in Peru

Colorful, sloping slopes of mountain ranges, which have no analogue in other parts of the world. Weather and atmospheric influence seem to have failed to erase this beauty of nature. The best way to visit is to buy a one-day ticket to a travel company. This excursion includes an early breakfast and a buffet lunch. Bookmark and Share

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Palcoyo mountain photogallery

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Departure from the city of Cusco at 4 am. It takes about two and a half hours to travel by small bus. Then walk for about an hour. During the trip you will see quite interesting landscapes typical of the southern part of Peru.

Once you reach your final destination, Palcoyo Mountain, you will have two and a half hours to walk, take photos and relax. Then you have so much more time in the opposite direction to the city of Cusco. We were able to enjoy these magnificent landscapes and show you some of the best photos we took there. The altitude we reached and measured with my Garmin ForeRunner 735XT was 4900 meters.

Especially I did not feel this height, because as you know the city of Cusco is located in the high Andes. In other words, we are acclimatized to this particular height. In the morning the temperature was around 3ÂșC, but by noon it was even warm. The best time to visit is in April and May, so at least we did.

What else did we see in Mount Palcoyo

There were many llamas grazing on the slopes near this colorful attraction. The locals are very sociable and kind, but unfortunately they know little English. Our advice is to know at least basic Spanish. This is true for the whole of South America. Your lunch is in the town of Cusipata, which is on your way to the town of Cusco.

Before that, the guides will take you to 4 fantastic lagoons

  • Pampamarca
  • Asnacocha
  • Acopia
  • Pomacanchi

There you will see the vlora and fauna of the typical representatives of the Andes. We will not comment on the price for all this, because it is not a factor for this trip, and it may change over time.

From Cusco you can make an unforgettable trip to Machu Picchu, for which we have already written several travelogues. We leave it at your disposal for questions about our trip to Peru and we hope we have been helpful.

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