The Ogasawara Islands

The Ogasawara Islands (Bonin), are an isolated group of 30 islands in the Pacific Ocean. They were formed by an ancient underwater volcano and today over 140 species of unique plants, rare trees and insects can be seen here. The Ogasawara dragonfly, which is found only here, is particularly curious. The climate is tropical humid, and the terrain is mountainous.

In 1827, an English warship discovered the archipelago and declared it the property of the kingdom. Britain did not return it to Japan until 1876. During World War II, all residents were resettled on the large Japanese islands, and until the end of hostilities, Ogasawara was under the administration of the United States. Finally, in 1968, the archipelago was once again returned to Japan and today it is part of Tokyo Prefecture.

Although it is located about 1000 km from Japan. There are permanent residents only on Chichijima (father island) and Hahajima (mother island), with a total population of about 2,300 people. Bookmark and Share

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What to see in Ogasawara Islands

The main livelihood is logging and growing pineapples and bananas. The Ogasawara Islands have pristine and unspoiled nature, crystal clear waters and are full of coral reefs and tropical fish.

They are also a great place for whale and dolphin watching, for which special excursions are organized. Humpback whales and their young can be seen between February and April, while sperm whales are around all year round, although the best time to see them is from August to October. Many species of dolphins are also found here and sometimes one can even swim alongside bottlenose and longnose dolphins.

The small flat island visible from Hahajima has a wide beach covered with white sand and a bay perfect for swimming. This is where the endangered green sea turtles come to lay their eggs. According to some travelers, the Ogasawara Islands compare them to the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

One of the most exciting attractions in the Bonin Islands is diving among dolphins. It is also home to Japan's largest green sea turtle colony.


Take a day out on the high seas on a whale and dolphin watching tour boat - it's a lifetime experience.


Take the ship from Tokyo to Chichijima. He does one course a week and the sailing lasts 25 hours.

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