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Natural attractions of El Nido in the northern part of Palawan Island in Bakuit Bay, considered one of the most beautiful in the world with its magnificent lagoons, hidden beaches and wild islands surrounded by high limestone cliffs and turquoise waters spilling over white sands. We found ourselves in this hidden paradise on a Cebu Pacific flight from Cebu to Puerto Princesa as part of our Filipino adventure with our friends.

And above us begin steep virgin rocks, overgrown with lush vegetation. There are almost no people on the beach around us, only a lonely local girl standing and watching the sunset and us. We obviously radiate impressive energy and beach enthusiasm. But just imagine - after a whole day in the van to get into this story. The water with its 28 ℃ pleasantly caresses our bare feet, and if we take pictures, we take pictures, walking on the beach and never stopping to capture this whole mesmerizing scene. Sunset here is at 6 p.m. Night falls abruptly, but the transition to it, no matter how short, offers a delightful spectacle with its reflections and nuances on the smooth sea water. Pictures that we try to capture both in the mind and with the camera. The picturesque sunset of El Nido is a true tropical masterpiece and we wish everyone to see it with their own eyes. El Nido is a popular destination among tourists. It is curious how a small island town is trying to capture all this interest. Bookmark and Share

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Here the tap water is yellow and is not used for anything but a shower, after which you wonder if you are cleaner. Not so in our hotel, but it is out of town. Different flavors float in the air and they invite you to try, but we know that it is not a good idea to buy food from the street. The night life has covered the whole city, and the street trade has narrowed the already narrow and dusty streets.

Imperceptibly we find ourselves on the beach promenade, where most of the restaurants and bars are concentrated. It's full of people everywhere, but we manage to find a table for six people. Here the choice of seafood is too big and everything is fresh. You choose from the window and they prepare it for you.

The cuisine is quite spicy, but very tasty and you quickly adapt to local dishes. And the fruits have an incomparable taste: juicy mango, fragrant coconut and these small but unique bananas - an explosion of aromas and flavors. We return to our quiet oasis, where among palm trees and a pleasant sea breeze we hear only the sounds of a bird or other forest dweller - true bliss. Here are some of the natural attractions of El Nido, which we will only mention: Canopy Walk Via Ferrata, a high path with panoramic views. Las Cabanas Beach and Depeldet Island, a long beach with beautiful white sand, and behind us are glued palm trees, offering the coveted coolness in the hot April.

For people looking for relaxation and tranquility, the place is ideal. Mangrove Ecopark, our walk in the woods is refreshing on a hot afternoon. We come across Twin Beach, which merges with the huge Nacpan Beach and we arrive just in time. The sunset show begins. Lucky you! Today we will do an "island jump" with a local boat "bangka" through the amazing nature of the Bakuit archipelago. We rent a boat only for the six of us, which is great - we will be able to stop where we want to snorkel or choose places with fewer people. We head to Helicopter Island, tell our guide to avoid the crowds of tourists and look for quiet places. We return to the boat, pleasantly charged with happy faces and still breathless, and head to Matinloc Island, where our next stop is. This island is far from El Nido, at the end of Bakuit Bay.

The boat stops at a deserted small beach near Calmung Beach. It is surrounded on all sides by high cliffs, which make it inaccessible by land. We leave here with the feeling that part of us remains forever in this pristine world.

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