National parks in Kenya

National parks in Kenya and selected photos specially by me. I have been to this equatorial country several times and I dare say that I see it differently each time. Selected footage from my first touch of African wildlife seven and a half years ago - a safari in several parks and a reserve in Kenya.

At the time, I didn't know if I would go on an African photo safari another time, so I planned very carefully. For 12 days I used three different safari companies. We visited both national parks and reserves (lakes Nakuru, Bogoria and Naivasha, Amboseli, Masai Mara) and private concessions (Selenkey, All Kinney, Naboisho), as both have their advantages. From that moment on, almost all of my travels became photo safaris in Africa (with the proviso that I had seen a lot of countries on five continents before).

Apart from the incredibly beautiful nature and the great variety of wild animals and birds in the wild, a variety of tribes can be seen in Africa. Whenever time and means allow, I try to include such "cultural activities" in my safari trips, as safari operators call it in the jargon. Tribal views in different parts of the continent vary in their authenticity.

In any case, people of the respective ethnic group can be seen, the question is whether they see themselves in the natural environment in which they live or a tourist ethno-spectacle takes place, as I have seen Zulus in the Valley of the 1000th Hill in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. It is clear to everyone, of course, that Zulus in traditional costumes with spears and shields, who live in traditional Zulu huts in South Africa, have long been gone, and whoever wants to see them as such must attend such a show. Bookmark and Share

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What are the National Parks in Kenya

There are many Maasai villages around the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, where the Maasai live in traditional huts and dress in their traditional clothing. The problem there is that they are constantly visited by tourists and I am sure that they perform 4-5 shows a day with songs, skipping and showing their lives in front of another group of pale-faced and more and more Chinese and Indian guests.

I was lucky enough to see a relatively rare Masai village in the Selenkey private concession in Kenya - I started an album with photos from there, one day I will publish footage of the Maasai. Otherwise, I've photographed a lot of them in a car on the roads of Kenya and Tanzania. Here I show one of my favorite tribes in Africa - the Bushmen, who people in "adult" age (like me) remember from the wonderful comedy "The gods must be crazy." I wouldn't say that the experience here was 100% authentic, but the people were bushy and knew and communicated with their tickling language.

There was also an English translator. In total, we took a 40-minute walk through the Kalahari Desert with them, demonstrating their different survival techniques - different types of hunting (with these small bows and arrows, as well as traps), keeping water in ostrich eggshells, etc. Then we went to their village, where the children, the women, and the older men were waiting for us, equal to the leader. I would assume that the program takes place almost every day, but at least there were no traces of smartphones anywhere, if there were any, they hid them somewhere until we left.

I really like the color of the Bushmen, their bodies just merge with the reddish sand of the Kalahari. I will also publish albums with other tribes, such as the warlike Karamajong in northeastern Uganda, who only a few years ago fought bloody cattle wars with various other nationalities in Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan, the Basoto tribe in Lesotho and others. This summer, health and life, I hope to see the Samburu tribe in northern Kenya. Regarding the wildlife, you can only enjoy African buffaloes in the Maasai Mara National Reserve Kenya. Lions and hyenas are everywhere, and for the numerous herds of herbivores I can only say that there are millions.

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