Motu Tautau Tahaa French Polynesia

Motu Tautau Tahaa French Polynesia an exotic place far from civilization. We were lucky to arrive here in the off season. There were almost no tourists and it was fabulous, even boring at times. This in no way affected our holiday and our overall mood.

Arriving at Taha'a Island was extreme. After the tropical storm broke out, the plane that was supposed to land on Huahine Island and fly to Raiatea Island. Unfortunately it was unable to land and we had to wait over 3 hours for the storm to subside and another plane to arrive.

From there for about 40 minutes in over 4 meter waves, transfer by speedboat to Tahaa Island. It looked like a rollercoaster at Disneyland, but thank God we arrived safely in Taha'a. We love luxury travel and spare no expense to be comfortable. Bookmark and Share

There were many interesting incidents on this atoll that cannot be told. They have to be experienced. Fortunately, most of them were enjoyable and exciting.

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What is Motu Tautau Tahaa

It is located in the lagoon of the large island of Tahaa, on which Le Taha'a by Pearl Resorts is built. It is a private island with very high overnight rates. The average price for one day starts from 700 euros. We stayed here for three nights, which is quite enough to enjoy the natural beauties.

The whole island and three adjacent ones can be toured in a few hours. There are specially made paths between the big palm trees. Everything is very well built without changing the island in its original form. Chances are you'll feel like Robinson Crusoe on a desert island. The food is great, with lots of seafood and of course rice.

The cocktails are very good, in general everything is up to par. The beaches are clean and the water is crystal clear. The bottom is littered with corals and colorful fish. For snorkelers there are specially made coral gardens. Because of the proximity to the airports, this was the first island I was able to fly the drone on.

To get a real idea of the resort it is spread over this entire lonely island or motu to be exact. It is surrounded by a lagoon and the colors of the water are simply stunning. Dinners and sunsets at TAHAA are equally captivating and romantic. Tahaa is one of the few places in the world as if touched by god, a place that literally takes your breath away.

The senses cannot believe what the eyes see. This place cannot be described, it must be experienced. The best time to vacation in Tahaa Atoll is from March to October. Then it is the dry season. On reflection, one might ask the question:

Why does everyone want to vacation on Bora Bora when there are quite a few similar exotic vacation spots like Motu Tautau? It was an amazing time being able to experience the culture and beauty of this incredible island. However, these photos that are on the site show solitude and lazy days. TAHAA remains in our hearts forever.

It is important to know that in French Polynesia there are not many airports for landing, since the islands themselves are too small. Transfers are by ferry or small private planes that land directly on the water. Each transfer is over $100 per person both ways.

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