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Main sights in Porto, the second largest city after Lisbon, but we can not easily give it a second place in beauty, find out for yourself why. The city (with a very serious displacement) is crossed by the Douro River, on which 6 bridges have been built. Undoubtedly - the most remarkable is the House of Louis I, built, like the Santa Justa Elevator in Lisbon, by a student of Gustave Eiffel.

Two churches (the cathedral and San Francisco) rise spectacularly above the city, and in one of them liturgies have not been celebrated for almost 5 centuries, we will witness the reason .... Port wine, also the pride of Porto and the region, is a sweet, liqueur wine that does not particularly like the first sip, but… with the number of sips and the number of views, well, you will start to like the wine .... Porto, the city I fell in love with spontaneously! I was wondering which place is the most attractive in Porto. It didn't take me long to realize that the city itself was the biggest attraction. Wherever you go and whatever you do, Porto is amazing.

When I stood on the Ponte Luis 1 bridge, I felt the same feelings when I was puberty and fell in love for the first time. The view over the Douro River and the Ribeira district is indescribable. I saw thousands of colorful houses bathed in all sorts of sunny shades. Bookmark and Share

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Porto the city I fell in love with spontaneously

And the river had turned to gold. There was good music coming from somewhere, and various birds were flying around you, enjoying the beautiful sunset just like me.

Afterword: I don't know when I managed to take about 2000 photos. That's why it will be part 1. Of course if you like it, if not, there will be no others !! I don't remember when I first saw photos in the Livraria Lello online bookstore, but I vowed to visit it one day! And here that day came. Dreams come true! Lello, as the locals call it, is 125 years old and is the most beautiful bookstore I have ever seen.

Everything inside is done with a lot of love. Beautiful round wooden stairs painted red, this staircase allows you to go from one part of the bookstore to another. I felt like I was really in the Harry Potter movie. It is said that while living in Porto, Rowling liked and visited this bookstore, and this is where the idea of Harry Potter originated.

I ask you how not to fall in love with Porto

I was very impressed by the decorated glass ceiling, through which bright light enters, which is reflected in the red steps, which made my photos not so good. But it's my fault that I didn't set up the "holy trinity" (photographic term) before because when I saw all this beauty and started shooting and shooting just like a robot, I didn't miss anything. However, the result is deplorable, I am very angry, but it is an occasion to visit her again! Back to Lello.

In fact, the bookstore is not as big as it seems, but it is worth waiting in line for more than 2 hours. Admission is € 5. Bring water and don't forget to charge your phone, there will be no photos.

Porto, an attractive city in Portugal on both the river and the ocean. A city with unique architecture and spectacular riverside landscapes that remain in the mind. The overall atmosphere truly captivates me with its colorful buildings, sunny streets, smiling people, the variety of historical landmarks and the breathtaking views of the bridges over the Douro River.

Porto, not huge and coquettish, not with glaring beauty and modern, but rather with a rich history, authentic and colorful.

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