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Madain Salih Saudi Arabia, a until recently closed country, is now ready to welcome tourists and show its preserved beauties! With direct flights coming soon, it will be something varied to visit. A visa is required, which costs 535 riyals and is obtained in minutes. For tourists, the clothing restrictions are not great - covered knees and shoulders for men.

For women - clothing with sleeves and ankle length skirts/pants. I also saw exceptions on the spot, but it's good to respect the rules of the places we visit. Saudis are very well-intentioned, kind, responsive and always ready to help. The women, despite their strict dress, are very kind and benevolent.

You cannot miss the capital Riyadh and the holy cities of Mecca and Medina for all Muslims. They are in no way inferior to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

But we stopped at Madain Salih, an architectural landmark unknown to most people until recently.Bookmark and Share

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What to visit in Saudi Arabia

What is Madain Salih / Hegra The Arabs also call it Al Hijr or Hegra in ancient Greek. Since we had already been to Petra (Jordan), we immediately found the similarity. It is a fact that at the beginning of the New Era, this place was under the rule of the Nabateans (the culprits of the construction of Madain Salih).

The whole complex consists of 111 tombs, 94 of which are well preserved and with decorated facades. Inside there are well-excavated rooms in the rock, which are sometimes so large that they can be compared to halls. What these rooms were used for can only be guessed, but most likely for prayer.

There are many inscriptions dating back to the ancient people, as well as those from the time of the Nabateans and the Roman Empire. The technique of cutting the rock is the same as in the ancient city of Petra, namely from top to bottom. In this way, it can be seen that some of the facades are not finished. It is the unfinished parts of the tombs that may point us to the way in which the ancient stonemasons, step by step, made their masterpieces of architecture. There is quite an interesting story in the Qur'an about this strategic place, which I will not tell you. Between 300 AD to 600 AD.

Hegra was a city on the caravan route. Water and food were stocked here, there was also a trade in spices and fabrics. Saudi Arabia is currently launching a campaign to develop tourism. In 2008, Madain Salih was included in the UNESCO list. The place has a lot of potential, although it is quite far in the desert.

All the rock monuments are scattered in a valley, next to the nearby town of Hegra. However, there are doubts that some facades were made soon because they are well preserved, and as we know the desert wind makes the stone corrode quite quickly. Even so, it's all very impressively crafted and worth seeing.

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