List of sights in Costa Rica

In this article we will write you about a list of sights in Costa Rica that we think are worth visiting. Maybe we were already used to more local people and culture in Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua. We must have been looking for a strong atmosphere. Maybe we didn't want to spend a fortune for 7-8 days in Costa Rica. However, we would recommend the country to all lovers of adventure and nature, but we strongly disapprove of the high prices. If you are looking for meetings with local people, the typical Central American vibes or some typical culture - you may not be happy in Costa Rica. Or maybe you should stay very long and search hard. The country is definitely gifted with a mesmerizing nature, but we definitely lacked something else. We did not feel any specific local culture or soul. The locals were friendly, but it was often difficult to tell if we were in Costa Rica or the United States.

Monteverde was the first meeting of us and prices in Costa Rica. Anyway, the city was nice, our hostel had amazing views of the green hills. There were also many rules that were hung on every wall, room or space. Bookmark and Share

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What to do in Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio National Park is considered overly make-up and touristy. We went there without a guide, but we still managed to notice a lot of wildlife. And this combined with the hanging of the beautiful beaches in the park - maybe it's still worth the entrance fee and the idiotic entry procedures. The sloths were revered here as well, but unfortunately both of us we met were so high in the trees that our necks stiffened from staring and searching. The real action took place on the beach. The cormorants tried to search for fish, shooting their way into the water with their beaks forward. Raccoons stole from the backpacks of those who had disregarded the rule not to import any food. Once we realized that public transport is (perhaps the only) cheap thing in Costa Rica, we decided to get to the Corcovado Peninsula without expensive transfers.

Our destination was Drake Bay - a good base for exploring the reserve and the vibrations of the region. The boat was the most remarkable part of this trip. We started moving through the mangrove arms of the Sierpe River. And suddenly we entered the ocean and moved on the waves to reach a huge beach in Drake Bay. It was time to get wet - there are no piers or ports. Our accommodation in Drake Bay was right in the middle of the rainforest, in a nice, wallless hut. A night walk right behind the house revealed many new species for us. Frog Day - We met so many red tree frogs, rain frogs, glass frogs, etc. We even saw something very cute - an animal, something between a rodent and a little mouse.

The trip to Corcovado National Park was a unique experience. It was a rainy and gray day, and an hour and a half of riding a motorboat turned out to be a "survival" course - rain hits you in the face, everything on you is completely wet and a cold wind caresses you to complete the whole picture. While we could still walk in the rain, we officially entered Corcovado Park to meet dozens of birds, three species of monkeys, woodpeckers, crocodiles and more. The park was really super wild and I felt that being a guide was a useful measure.

Canyo Island. The island is now a protected national territory, and scientists are studying marine life and wildlife. We were happy for a few hours without rain so we could do our snorkeling around the island.

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