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Today I will tell you about the landmarks in Nice. The largest French city on the Cote d'Azur. Some call it the French Riviera. We were there in the summer of 2020 when Kovid 19 was a well-known and frightening virus. We will not talk about it and about the measures on the streets and the restaurants we entered. We will draw your attention to the sights of Nice.

The city is the fourth largest in France after Paris, Marseille with a population of about 400 thousand people. Of course, with the suburbs it becomes over one million. Everything is focused on the coast of Nice and its beach. What to see in Nice The English Alley The Matisse Museum Massena Palace The Marc Chagall Museum The English Alley is the most impressive because I think it's the face of Nice. As you walk along it you will see the most iconic facades of famous buildings. It is terribly beautiful to see how the tall palm trees are arranged along the road.

It really is very beautiful and well done. There is a place both for a beach and to sit in the shade. It was built on the idea of the English architect Louis Way in 1830. Currently, some of the buildings and palaces around the English Promenade have been converted into luxury hotels. Bookmark and Share

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What can we see from landmarks in Nice

Life is really colorful here and worth seeing. Another famous landmark in Nice is the Massena Palace. Massena Square and the surrounding red Italian-style buildings are ideal for taking photos. In front of it there are beautiful fountains, which to our joy worked.

I also want to write that the city of Nice is included in the guides of Europe as the so-called cruise destination. The port is quite convenient for cruise liners. All interesting attractions can be seen on foot, because the city is quite compact and relatively small in area. The Marc Chagall Museum is a very interesting place and was opened while the artist was still alive.

The facade of the museum is bright red with the characteristic windows of that time. Admission is about 10 euros on weekdays. Inside you can see many biblical paintings that are borrowed from other authors.

There is also a basilica here called Notre Dame, but we didn't pay much attention to it because we saw the one in Paris before the fire. Stroll to Garibaldi Square. Small but quite beautiful. As is well known, Garibaldi died in the city of Nice and for this reason the square was dedicated to his name. St. Nicholas Cathedral is also interesting to see, although it is very similar in style and decoration to many in Russia, for example. The best place for panoramic photos is Mont Boron. It rises to a height of 200 meters between the port of Nice and Cap-Ferra. In good weather you can see the whole Riviera.

The fortress is quite impressive and you can get there on foot through a sparse forest. I think that in one day you can go around everything in Nice. The neighboring city of Cannes also offers many options for walks and visits. If you like to walk and spend money, I must warn you that it is quite expensive here. Try French Mediterranean cuisine, especially Nicoise salad and ratatouille. I tried similar dishes in Provence France. Extremely pleasant to the taste and smell. It's worth going up there just because of them.

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