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Kyrgyzstan tourist attractions, a little known country in Central Asia. Former Soviet Republic, located in the Tianshan Mountains. Kyrgyzstan is landlocked and surrounded by land from China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

We will not write about the history of the country, because it will hardly be very interesting. Of course, we only toured those Kyrgyzstan tourist attractions that were on our way to China. Most of the road is two-way and narrow. It passes through vast areas and mountainous areas. It's good that your car has good suspension because of the country roads. The population is quite poor and lives on the brink of poverty, at least according to us who have a European understanding of the material.

This does not mean that these people do not live happily. I was especially impressed by the people in the countryside. Very smiling and helpful. Wherever we stop, they give us to drink from their milk and kefir. We looked at the statistics and realized that few tourists visit Kyrgyzstan. In our opinion, Russia's lack of advertising and umbrella is to blame. And from the general impressions of this former Soviet republic, we want to show you interesting photos of everything we saw along the way. Bookmark and Share

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The mountains are not very high, but let's not forget that the average altitude of Kyrgyzstan is over 2750 meters. The highest peak is Jengish Chokusu 7439 meters, which few people have climbed due to its low popularity.

We could not see and photograph it because it is located in the northeastern part of the country on the border with China. Its other name is Pobeda Peak, which appears in Russian topographic maps. An interesting fact is the number of glaciers in Kyrgyzstan - 6500, which are shrinking due to global warming. The water from them and from the melting of the snow goes to 2000 lakes.

A real natural treasure, isn't it? As the altitude is very high and the country is located far north of the equator, the forests here occupy only 4% of the territory. We deliberately avoided the big cities on our way to enjoy nature in all its forms. We noticed that in the countryside people are engaged in animal husbandry. They raise horses, sheep and yaks. We were able to see Issyk Kul Lake, the largest in Kyrgyzstan. A navigable lake that is supplied with water from the surrounding mountains. There are many hiking trails, at least in its lower part and places convenient for camping.

We also visited the Pamir National Park, Bishkek, the Toktogul region, Osh, Jalal Abad, Sary Mogul and Lenin Base Camp. The best time is in September, because the climate here is continental with sharp temperature amplitudes. There is no big change in Kyrgyzstan, I mean the socialist buildings, which are reminiscent of totalitarianism.

You can still see Soviet cars and inscriptions in Russian, which by the way is official. It's good to know, because English is not fashionable in these places. If you want to read about other historical landmarks in Kyrgyzstan, read our previous article. Try their meat foods and spices to them. They are not healthy, but they are quite tasty. Overall, we are pleased with the trip to this distant country and will have fond memories of it. Take a look at the photos from Kyrgyzstan, I hope you like them.

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