Island Ko Por Thailand

Ko Por Thailand is a little known place for tourists, which I highly recommend to visit. This applies to people who seek solitude from the crowds of tourists. As you know during the Covid 19 pandemic, things are quite different. Even on the most beautiful beaches in South Phuket, there were no visitors. The few we saw were local Thais or Chinese.

There were no Europeans like us, not even on the big island of Ko Lanta. We were in Patong three years ago, but for financial reasons we postponed the tour of this area. Koh Por Island is very small and can actually be walked around. Before we came here, I didn't even know it existed. It is ideal for a holiday, even during a strong tourist season. It is a 20-minute boat ride from Old Town Ko Lanta. We chose a small family villa in the western part, for a lower price.

We spent a few days here and we do not regret anything. It is good to buy food and water from Old Town Ko Lanta in advance, because there are no shops here. We met two local fishermen and agreed to help us tour the four neighboring islands.

For this purpose we rented a private Longtail Boat, this is the only way things can happen. Otherwise, there are day trips from Ko Lanta, but we did not prefer them because of the many people on the ship.

It was a better option with these two fishermen because we exchanged valuable information about their way of life. Bookmark and Share

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Ko Por Thailand photogallery

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How we decided to stay exactly on the Ko Por Thailand

It is quite different from buying tickets for a small cruise around these islands.

The only problem is that the boat itself is moving slower and we could not visit the farthest island of Ko Kradan. The other islands in this group are:

  • Ko Muk
  • Koh Ngai
  • Ring Island
  • Koh Kradan

Being with the locals is the most valuable time we have while traveling! We learned so much from them, and they probably don't even understand it! As this part of Thailand is sparsely visited and has a small population, I can assure you that there were many fish in the sea.

Within 20-30 minutes only, the fishermen managed to catch a few large fish with the help of a harpoon. I have never seen such a fish before and I will admit it was very tasty. The meat is quite different from other such specimens. Fresh fish has a unique taste unlike store-bought ones.

We managed to visit several beaches and take panoramic photos of Ko Muk and Koh Ngai from the drone that is always with us. In the evening we were very tired and fell asleep almost immediately. The rest of the day we rested on the island of Koh Por Thailand with a friendly family from Europe. Right next to the villa about 50 meters there is a small beach, which was nothing special.

There is a long Tha Kang beach in the north of the island of Koh Por. The eastern part of the island is rocky and steep. The local population is engaged in agriculture (coconut palms) and fishing. At low tide, it is best to practice snorkeling. In total we stayed 4 days in this small paradise for travelers. We continue as planned with our next destination in Thailand.

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