Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park is the most visited protected area in southern Thailand. Its area is relatively small, about 740 square kilometers, and includes the beautiful Lake Cheow Lan. The best place for photos that tourists like is the Hin Sam Glur rock. Each guide takes a short break in this place to take a selfie with Hin Sam Glur. Much of the territory is covered with rainforests, and their origin is quite old. They formed immediately after the last ice age.

Another interesting place for Kao Sok National Park are the limestone rocks, which rise to a height of 600 meters. As the amount of precipitation is very high 3500 mm per square meter per year, the jungle is impassable.

Historically, the guerrillas have been hiding here during the recent armed conflicts. In the upper layer of the soil grows bamboo, which is used to make rafts and huts of the population. The plant diversity is great, wild bananas, pomelo, jujube, mangosteen.

The animal world here is represented by tigers, wild boars, bears, barking deer, macaque monkeys, Asian elephants. Of course, most of these animals can't be seen for a short visit to the park. The best place to stay is Khao Sok Good View Resort. If you have enough time, you should definitely plan to spend the night in one of the famous floating bungalows on Lake Cheow Lan. A special night in such a bungalow with your loved ones in the beautiful resort of Panvaree or Panvaree the Greenery is just an amazing experience.

It is a well-furnished one-storey house with everything you need for a good holiday. It is located in the heart of the park and I can assure you that this is the best place to sleep in southern Thailand. Bookmark and Share

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What attractions are there in Kao Sok National Park

We were in Thailand two years ago and failed to visit the Similan Islands National Park.

  • Trekking
  • Canoeing and rafting with bamboo
  • Boat to Lake Cheow Lan

Tourists can spend unforgettable moments in this wild place of Thailand. For those of you who like to walk, there are one-day hikes in the rainforest. Of course, you should hire a local guide to show you the wild world of Kao Sok. If you are lucky you will see wild elephants, bears, tigers and a variety of birds with colorful plumage.

An interesting attraction is to show you how to cook bamboo. The laziest attraction is canoeing in a bamboo raft. We experienced something similar on the island of Koh Samet. Here, for the first time, I saw small rafts tied one after the other, pulled by a motor raft. There are two seats attached to each raft, in which the tourists sit. The river is very shallow and calm, so enjoy the sounds of the jungle.

The river passes around several limestone rocks that form a small mountain range. There are many caves to explore in this area, and in some of them they hid as we have already written the partisans. The third exciting attraction in Khao Sok National Park is a boat trip to Cheow Lan Lake. Immediately after the rainforest is the Rajjabrapa pier and you will enter the lake itself.

Around it are the caves Pa Ca Rung and Pra Kay Petch Cave, from where the lake fills. They are accessible to tourists without the need for a guide. If you hire a guide, he will show you a small waterfall. The best time to visit Khao Sok National Park is from November to February.

To be honest, there are a lot of mosquitoes that have bitten me in at least a thousand places. Each resort has a restaurant that serves traditional Thai food and some European food. It is possible to prepare your own meals, but if you go around all day you will be tired and you will not want to.

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