Journey to the Cook Islands

Today I will tell you about the journey to the Cook Islands and especially to Aitutaki Island and Rarotonga Island. Since I live and work in New Zealand, my wife and I decided to explore the Cook Islands and have an exciting vacation in the South Pacific. I don't know if you know, but these islands are self-governing, I think the southern islands are six larger ones that are inhabited.

They have their own currency, but they also accept New Zealand dollars. Quite a remote destination, but honestly we were satisfied. It's like you're in heaven. A calm, silence, not many tourists, the weather was also suitable for a beach.

The main impression I made on the Cook Islands was that they were too flat. I had even heard that if global warming continued their area will be significantly reduced and they will be flooded by the ocean.

The vegetation is mostly palm trees, which provide great shade, which is extremely necessary if you are on the beach. The local population is mostly Polynesians who have managed to preserve the traditions of their ancestors. The evenings are especially enjoyable as they start dancing their traditional dances. Bookmark and Share

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What can we visit in the Cook Islands

The clothing for these dances is special and you can see it in the photos I have prepared for the travelogue. You may even be invited to play with them on stage, which often happens. The food is very tasty, seafood, but because they are Catholics they can offer you a European one.

The distance between the islands is long and you can only travel by ship. There are many small and large atolls around them, which offer underwater attractions and diving. The underwater world is diverse and for your peace of mind, there are no sharks. At least we didn't see any. We managed to ride on a big boat with a transparent glass bottom, which saved us a dive.

For those of you who can't swim, this is a good option. Even one of the boys on the ship jumped into the water and attracted colorful fish to feed them. To explore the flora and fauna of Rarotonga Island, you have to walk and cross the island on a narrow country road.

You pass from north to south to the highest peak Te Rua Manga 653 meters. You pass through a beautiful Wigmore Falls and exit on the other side of Rarotonga Island. The whole transition is a few kilometers. You don't need mountain equipment. We were wearing sports shoes, but we also saw people in sandals.

The largest city is called Avaura. There is the airport. In fact, the whole island around the coast is built with houses and hotels. There is no way to know when you are where. Visit Punanga Nui's largest fruit and vegetable market. We passed the port of Ngatangiia and the beautiful beach of Muri. From here, centuries ago, people went by canoe to New Zealand. Currently, about 50,000 people work there because of the higher standard in New Zealand.

An expensive destination that costs about $ 200 a day. Similar tourism conditions can be found on other islands in both the Pacific and the Caribbean. It's all a matter of organization and budget. It is a bit boring for young travelers, but it is an ideal place for families with children.

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