Sightseeing in Hue the old capital of Vietnam

Take a walk in Hue the old capital of Vietnam, ruled by the Nguyen dynasty (the most popular family in Vietnam) in the early 19th century. We start with the "Royal Palace" built according to the practices of Feng Shui, as well as almost all other historical sites in Asia, and today is under the auspices of UNESCO. The "Palace of Supreme Harmony" has a deep philosophical meaning and reflects the harmony between the "yin" and "yang" energies, between man and nature.

We also saw the tomb of the last and much-loved King Kai Dinh, who, in order to make a very impressive home for the afterlife, increased the taxes of the population and almost drained the state treasury. Scattered, then ambitious funds, today fill the budget of Vietnam, because thousands of tourists are attracted by the opportunity to see like us this magnificently inlaid and very beautifully located with a magnificent view of the mausoleum. Only 100 years ago, each family here had 20 children - men fought, women made children, said our guide, but it quickly improved that they were raised.

Either these men fought a little, or they were often on vacation - 20 children are still not just made from the battlefield. The main religion in Vietnam is Confucianism - it is based on a more philosophical attitude and view of things. Confucianism adheres to harmony - man-nature. This can be seen in the beautiful garden of the Forbidden City - many plants - flowers, trees, shrubs, lakes with goldfish. They are also Buddhists in China, but the current of their Buddhism considers man to be a higher creature than nature - so in their Forbidden City the plants are much smaller. Bookmark and Share

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Confucianism is a softer and more humble philosophy / religion, they are considered better and more humane, men and women are equal. Another interesting thing I learned in Hue was that the curtain had been lifted on the emperor's intimate life. Of course, he also has an empress - her children are the legal heirs - so far clear.

There is also a harem, the women in which they live in a special building in the Forbidden City. Many women - many problems - that's why there are eunuchs who keep order. What conditions must a woman candidate for a harem meet: to be a virgin, to have naturally red lips and well-developed breasts - a sign that she will give birth to healthy children, to be very weak, to be very intelligent, they entertained the master, when he is sad, reading him verses and philosophical treatises. When the harem was set on fire by the French in 1953, many women died because they could not walk with their atrophied weak limbs.

I can say something bad about the French, because I have already set out to criticize - they used the incredibly beautiful carvings from the palace for their barbecues. Shortly before the uninvited colonizers arrived, the emperor lived well. Now I will try to intelligently recreate their satisfaction - the deity sits on the pot inlaid with dragons and soon the divine content, which is taken by a specially responsible official, is taken to the nearby forest and buried after a prayer. Then a tree is planted nearby. Today, this forest has been destroyed.

I imagine, if it weren't for what name this forest should have. In keeping with its history, Hue is one of the most interesting examples of Asian architecture. The entire architecture of the imperial complex is inspired by the Forbidden City in Beijing, but on a smaller scale. The palace complex was built by 10 thousand people for 30 years. Hue is the old capital of Vietnam is located 660 km from Hanoi. It was the capital for about 200 years, the previous name being Tan Hoa or Harmony and Peace.

Of course, Vietnam is not just this city and if you have enough time, you can take an exotic trip and see the natural attractions around the sea or in one of the rivers. We recommend that you visit Ha Long Bay and take a boat trip between the beautiful rocks in the sea.

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