Historical sights in Ghent Belgium

Historical sights in Ghent Belgium, which I managed to see in just one day. The city is relatively small compared to Bruges or Brussels, where I have been several times. I just wanted to see something different, so I chose Ghent. Of course, this is the old town, where there is a lot to see and photograph.

The weather was great, sunny, as you can see from the photos I attached to the article. There are at least ten other things worth seeing, but I think these are the most important. In general, I am a fan of natural landmarks and rarely pay attention to streets and buildings from the past.

But here I liked almost everything. The fabric trade is the main reason why the city of Ghent is so large and famous, at least in Belgium. Most people in Europe have hardly heard it, especially since they do not have a prominent football team, but this is another topic for reflection.

Let me share with you my humble opinion that I do not make much difference between Belgium and the Netherlands. I haven't traveled the two sides from end to end, nor have I lived there for a long time, but there is a lot in common between them. Even the way they play football is very similar, but that's another topic for reflection.

Personally, I like the attractions in the Netherlands more, especially Amsterdam. It is also very debatable which country has more castles or windmills. Importantly, there are many tulips in the Netherlands and soft drugs are sold freely and are allowed for consumption. Bookmark and Share

Sights in Ghent Belgium photogallery

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What are the places worth visiting in Ghent Belgium

Contrary to expectations, I smoked a cigarette and did not stop laughing for no reason for several minutes. We were in Thailand two years ago and failed to visit the Similan Islands National Park.

  • Church of St. Nicholas
  • St. Bavo Catholic Cathedral
  • Gravensten Fortress
  • Belfort Belfry Tower

I start with the first historical attraction, the church of St. Nicholas. This is the oldest church in Ghent built in the 13th century in Gothic style. It was built next to a bustling wheat market in the past, and the tower was the tallest building in the Middle Ages. Like most such churches, it has a large organ. Admission is free.

St. Bavo Catholic Cathedral - the west tower is 89 meters high and is quite impressive, at least for me. I toured it on all sides, but I liked the interior more. The altar is a painted painting from the 15th century, has a large organ, a Roman crypt with frescoes and large marble arches. Admission is free. Gravensten Fortress built on the river in the 12th century. It seemed quite impressive and gloomy. From the towers of the castle there is a nice panoramic view. The ticket is 10 euros and in two hours you can go around practically everything.

The Belfort bell tower is currently a museum where you can see a lot of interesting things, but for me the most challenging is the very climb up the narrow spiral staircase. There is of course an elevator that I got off. The view is panoramic and you can find out which landmark is where. Admission is 8 euros. For more romantic people there is a good opportunity for a boat trip on the river.

There are nice Flemish-style buildings on both sides of the coast. It passes under the San Michel Bridge (an iconic bridge for the city of Ghent). If you have high expectations for this city, it will surely grab you with its unique atmosphere. It is different from other attractions in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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