Dinant Belgium attractions

Dinant Belgium attractions, a very impressive destination in the French-speaking part of Belgium. Definitely worth a visit because it is located about 90 km from Brussels. Don't even think about doing it, because you will be more than surprised. Indeed, Dinant is a small town of about 14,000 people, the birthplace of Adolf Sachs, the discoverer of the saxophone.

To be honest, I didn't know that, but it's never too late to educate a person. The town of Dinant is located on both sides of the river Meuse and can be explored in practice in a few hours. Of course, that doesn't stop you from sitting down and eating at his restaurants.

If you are by car, you can combine for one day to visit the sights of Luxembourg and the city of Dinant. Very good idea, isn't it. We did so and we do not regret it. The city of Dinant is located in southern Belgium in the province of Flanders.

In other words, in the deep countryside. First we climbed the Dinant Citadel, which is actually a former barracks. There are two options to get there.

With a lift that waits a lot and costs 10 euros or walk up steep stairs for about 20 minutes. We chose the lift. Just think how the soldiers climbed them with full combat gear, so it's not that hard! Bookmark and Share

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What are the main attractions of Dinant

  • The citadel
  • The monument to Charles De Gaulle
  • Cruise on the river Meuse
  • Charles de Gaulle Brug Bridge
  • The house of Adolf Sachs

There is a military museum that you can visit for free, there are still preserved rifles, machine guns of various models from the First World War and the carriage of Madame de Menton - one of the lovers of the Sun King. Below the Citadel is the great Notre Dame Cathedral.

There, right to my right, is the Charles de Gaulle monument. See the photos to my travelogue for reference. Since 2010, colorful saxophones have been displayed on both sides of the bridge over the river that connects the two parts of the city of Dinant to remind tourists of the work of La Maison de Monsieur Sax.

The town of Dinant is full of tourists. We met mostly Belgians and a few Dutch. The town is small and the visitors are many. There are also not enough restaurants. I always give ideas to the enterprising, although some restaurants need to reserve seats at least a month in advance! If you fail in the surrounding villages and towns you will still find something.

I did not go on the river cruise myself, but I asked about prices, etc. The first cruise is Dinant - Anseremme, takes about 45 minutes and costs 9 euros per person. The second route is Dinant - Freyr, which takes about 2 hours and costs 15 euros per person. From the Citadel I took beautiful panoramic photos and managed to capture cumulus clouds that did not bring rain. The Gothic Cathedral of the Virgin Mary dates from the 13th century and is definitely worth a visit.

It is located near the entrance of the gondola lift and the staircase to the Citadel. Inside, it is no different from the other Gothic churches I have visited in France and Italy. If you have time, enter the Adolf Sachs House Museum. You can easily find it on the right side of the church.

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