Culebra Island Puerto Rico

Culebra Island Puerto Rico, so many reasons to visit this magical place. You will not find a luxury holiday here, although there are several houses that accept visitors on a larger budget. They are an exception rather than a given for this beautiful island in the Caribbean. The infrastructure is not well developed and most roads are without asphalt.

Because the island is too small, you can actually even ride a bike. There are paths to each beach. The terrain is hilly and the soil is not fertile. Therefore, the population relies only on fishing and tourism. They are little visited, despite the proximity to the main island of the mother - Puerto Rico. There is no nightlife here and in general your holiday in silence and family comfort is guaranteed. The locals are used to tourists and know what is most in demand.

There is an airport for small planes, but you can also take a ferry from nearby islands such as the Dominican Republic or St. Thomas. Until 1975, the largest bay, Puerto Grande, had a US naval base. Then everything is built with houses and villas and tourist activity begins with visitors from America. Bookmark and Share

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What are the beaches on the island of Culebra

As already mentioned, the island of Culebra is very small in area and has only two gas stations. One is only for charging boats and the other for cars and motorcycles.

  • Flamenco Beach
  • Carlos Rosario
  • Tamarindo Beach
  • Zone Beach
  • Dakity Beach
  • Playa Malone
  • Brava Beach

Flamenco Beach, the most visited and most famous beach in Culebra. There is a campsite where you can spend a whole month without getting bored. Literally located a few meters from the beach. It has everything you need for diving and eating. May is the breeding season for turtles. Hurry up to book your Puerto Rico hotels and plane tickets in advance.

They are the main sea attraction, so hurry up with renting a car, boat, restaurants or fishing tackle. Tamarindo Beach is also on the list for kayaking or windsurfing and turtle watching.

Let us remind you that the Luis Pena Channel reserve is nearby. Brava beach, hard to reach because there is no direct road to it. A real adventure to find it, because there are practically no markings. A real adventure, a really wild place suitable for kite surfing. As it is located in the northern part of the island of Culebra, the winds during the day are safe and strong. However, be careful with them, because there is no rescue service.

Carlos Rosario Beach is just a 15-minute walk from Flamenco Beach. If you want to escape from the crowds of tourists, this is your place. The shore is narrow and long, but the water is suitable for snorkeling. In conclusion, we can write that the place is very charismatic and secluded. Culebra Puerto Rico has everything you need.

A big advantage is that all the beaches are public, unlike other destinations we have visited. All of which we have listed are absolutely free, true tourist freedom. We hope that this will continue to be the case in the coming decades.

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