Boat trip to Kelor Island

Boat trip to Kelor Island is not a difficult task, especially since we are nearby. Our main location is Flores island Indonesia. The island is extremely small and you can be visited in one day. The distance is close to Comodo island and let me tell you I don't know how many islands are there, most of them I didn't learn their names. All this is a large marine reserve in which people live.

Extremely friendly and smiling to tourists. It is good for them that we are there to have something to eat. I don't know how they make a living from fishing, but they are obviously very poor. That doesn't mean that they are not happy in their own way. The main reason to fly to Laboan Bajo was to join a boat trip to Komodo National Park, which was on our list for many years. If you are already in Indonesia, travel inside is actually easy compared to the situation in many other countries at the moment.

All you have to do is test for covid-19, which you can book directly with your ticket, costs around € 6 per person and it takes about 10 minutes, until you get your results. With a negative test you can travel between the islands for 14 days (with the same test). It wasn't that easy to find a tour operator but what we've done is to connect with a lot of them via Instagram.

Due to the pandemic and the lack of tourists, the tours start mainly on Friday and end on Sunday (2 nights / 3 days). We booked the Komodo tour via Lamborajo Liveaboard. Prices are currently very much reduced (50% to 70%) and we even upgraded at the last minute. Bookmark and Share

Boat trip to Kelor Island photogallery

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What can we expect from the boat trip to Kelor Island

We actually booked 2 beds in a common room, we were accommodated in a much bigger and better boat, where we had our own room with air conditioning and even a private bathroom with hot water. We were on the boat 9 customers, not 18 planned. So ... I guess in a normal situation we would never book this luxury version of the trip, as the official price is very high, for what, we want to pay on a 3 day trip.

Again, traveling this year is difficult, but there are still many advantages! On the first day of the trip they took us from the hotel and we started the trip to Komodo National Park. The first stop was Kelor Island and hiking to the top. Then we spend some time on the beach, having lunch on the boat, and in the afternoon we snorkeled in one of the millions of coral reefs around. The island is very small, nothing special if you ask me, like the others in this part of the world.

The important thing is to relax and spend a quiet vacation at sea, especially since the weather is very nice and mostly warm. Given that it is winter in Europe, what more could be asked for. Because of the pandemic Kovid-19, everything is very cheap and affordable. Other islands we visited by boat in this area are Kukusan Island, Bangkau Island, Pungu Besar Island and others. The most important thing is that it is quiet and there are no tourists. Very often friends ask me if we are bored.

The answer is NO, because there are a lot of Europeans who live here most of the year. If anyone wants I can send photos from here in very good quality. In my opinion, the island is very suitable for walking and snorkeling. We stayed an hour before and after the boat trip to Komodo National Park at the SeaEsta Hotel and Hostel in Labuan Bajo.

We loved this place because it had the perfect location, it was clean and very modern. On Thursdays and Saturdays, some of them have good music for the life of the rooftop bar, where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset while playing billiards. And one last piece of advice from us is not to forget sunscreens, umbrellas and hats to be protected as much as possible from burns and heat stroke.

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