Beautiful attractions in Bohol

Beautiful attractions in Bohol the tropical geopark of the Philippines. An island combining history and biodiversity, whose coastline abounds in bays and white sand beaches. Home to the smallest living primate in the world and a place with a unique karst landscape of "chocolate" hills. A paradise for divers and lovers of underwater marine life. You can meet the sunrise on the high grassy hills or send the sunset in pleasant company along the coast.

Go down the river with incredibly green waters to a floating restaurant, watch the unique rice terraces or jump into the waters of a cool waterfall. To fly with a zip line or to hide in one of the many caves. This green island is full of life and challenges you to relax and have fun. We watch the emerald meanders of the Lobok River from the hatch of the plane, which is slowly descending to the airport of the same name in Panglao.

A small island connected to Bohol Philippines by two bridges. Here are concentrated the best hotels and beaches, which makes it attractive for tourists. As far as we can see, only vegetation can be seen - a real tropical paradise. Today is our day off, riding scooters and heading to the most popular beach in Panglao - Alona Beach, which turned out to be very close to our hotel.

Restaurants, shops and hotels are concentrated here. Already rested and loaded with pleasant views and delicious food, we go in search of a lonely beach. Scooters are the perfect vehicle in hot March sun of Philippines, offering the much-needed coolness, and they are very easy to rent. Bookmark and Share

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In front of all this there is a small but beautiful beach - Momo Beach. The road passes by the sea among trees and palm trees and takes us to our first stop of the day: Xzootic Animal & Butterfly Garden. Located near the Lobok River, the park is a pleasant and fun place for a short walk.

When we arrive, we are alone and calmly look around and take pictures with a huge albino python (several meters long) with bright red eyes, which can enter a large cage and even allow us to touch it. Outside, an equally large specimen is freely baked, but brown in color, which, unlike us, does not pay any attention to us. We leave the butterflies alone and head to one of the most popular natural landmarks here - the Chocolate Hills. The road passes through an artificial forest planted by students years ago and is a two-kilometer stretch of giant mahogany trees that create a natural picturesque tunnel. In a better hour of the day, interesting photos would be taken, but now with the midday sun the charm of this place is lost.

Our driver leaves us at the entrance of the Chocolate Hills observation deck and we agree to call him when we're done. We put on our hats, which protect us from the strong sun outside, and begin to slowly climb the stairs that lead to the top of the hill. Slowly, because here the presence of people is palpable, and the stairs are used for descending and ascending at the same time. We merge with the noisy and colorful crowd, among which we have to climb about 50 m to the top. Even after the first meters we begin to see the nearby hills emerging among the trees around them. The higher we climb, the number increases and increases until they cover the entire plain around us, all the way to the horizon.

Numerous army of over 1200 hills with different heights from 10 to 80 meters. Some of them have pointed tips, others with rounded ones, but all of them are conical in shape. At the top there are two wide platforms on different levels and can be easily observed in all directions. It's time for lunch and we head to another pleasant experience - floating restaurants on the river Lobok. The interest in them is also very high and we have to wait because they move in a certain period of time.

It's time for us to raise our adrenaline and head to Loboc Ecotourism Adventure Park to zip over the Lobok River. We arrive in something like a waiting room, which offers a view of the river and the zip line itself.

From here we have a short walk and we are at the place for "flight", where they put on our helmets and dress us in special clothes, which they hang with a few steel ropes.

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