Attractions on the Halkidiki peninsula

Attractions on the Halkidiki peninsula, our last stop in the attractions in Greece. To be honest, the year 2020 was the only reason to travel to this region of Greece and on the top of this - it was during the main season! When I was living in Brussel it was still not very popular to go on vacation in Greece (or probably me and my friends were too young and poor to aford it) so I was never able to travel to Halkidiki by car and spend some days there.

From London, where I was living for the last 13 years, it would have been a very long and expensive journey to fly to Thessaloniki. And Halkidiki, to be honest, was never on my top list of places I want to travel to. So, this year we decided to spend the last days in Greece (mainland) there and see if it's really so cool as the people say...

Let's start like this - we decided to stay between Kassandra and Sithonia just to have the opportunity to visit as many places as possible. A short note: we saw Halkidi without the crowds. Many of the places were even empty this year which made it perfect for us (and for the social distancing). As we were there in the beginning of August, there were no restrictions due to the covid-19. We were wearing the masks only in the supermarkets. Bookmark and Share

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What the Halkidiki peninsula offers for tourists

Kassandra: we didn't like it at all. Whether the vibes, nor the beaches... The only place which was really worth the driving, was Possidi Cape - cool place for flying the drone. Sithonia: ... was much better! When skipping the main villages and point of interest for the standard visitors of the peninsula, Sithonia is a nice place to drive around and explore.

Every single day we were driving to a new place and still we couldn't see everything that was on the list. The nature of Sithonia is a lot better (in my oppinion, of course) thаn the nature of Kassandra. If you are searching for some wild beaches, you can find many! But the famous beaches of Sithonia were crowded even during this year - I don't want to know how these look like during a normal year...

So my advice is to search for some not so famous places - then you will be able to enjoy the peaceful nature of Sithonia. My favourite beaches: Tripotamos and Lagomandra. The beaches with the best water were Trani Ammounda and Portokali beach (but Portokali was way to crowded to be enjoyable) If I will come back here? Well, covid-20 could be a reason (sorry for the black humor)... Sithonia was very nice, so I would visit it again some day (but during the spring time, otherwise I would be afraid of the tourist masses during a normal year...)

It consists of three separate areas in the Aegean Sea. We managed to tour only two of them and the city of Thessaloniki. We will write a separate article about this city. The terrain of Halkidiki is mountainous, but my wife and I only toured the coast. For this reason we did not go to the peninsula of Mount Athos.

It is also very nice there because there are many Eastern Orthodox monasteries. A good option is to rent a car if you do not have one so that you can move from city to city (beach to beach) without any problems.

If you want to tour a Greek island in this part of the Aegean Sea, you can take a ferry to the island of Limnos or directly to the capital Athens.

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