Attractions in Trogir Croatia

Attractions in Trogir Croatia, the beauty of the Dalmatian coast is well known! Countless beautiful islands and coastal cities. I have already told you about one of the not so famous places - Sibenik. Now it's time to show you the small town of Trogir! Location and parking Trogir is located about 50 km from Sibenik and only 30 km from the big city in the area - Split.

And Split Airport is only 5 km away! This proximity to the big city makes it a very popular tourist destination. Present in almost every tour program for the area. The old town is an island, located between the mainland coast and the island of Ciovo. It is connected by two bridges, through which most tourist buses pass from the mainland to the island of Ciovo and leave the organized groups.

From there they return on the bridge, to the most beautiful part of Trogir - the old town! If you have a car and you only have a few hours, you must use paid parking outside the island part of the city. There are two large ones on the mainland, on either side of the bridge. There the prices are around 20 kuna per hour, and at the peak of the season even highe.

But 50 m from one parking lot, just opposite the hospital, at Kardinala Alojzija Stepinca 17, there is a smaller parking lot, which is also the cheapest in the city - only 8 kuna per hour! Try it first. The presence of so many peoples in these lands predisposes to a unique culture and architectur. Since 1997, the city is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Behind the very well-preserved city walls lies an amazing mix of beautiful Romanesque churches, ancient memories from the Hellenistic period and Renaissance left by the Venetians. Bookmark and Share

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What to do in Trogir Croatia

Trogir is considered the best preserved Roman Gothic city in all of Central Europe! To feel its spirit, walk through the city walls (15th century), all the way to the castle of Camerlengo (15th century). Right behind it you will find one of the most interesting stadiums I have seen.

From here you can enter the labyrinths of the city, among churches and buildings dating from the XIII century. The small, interesting and narrow streets will take you to the main square, where the town loggia (XV century), the municipality and the cathedral "St. Lawrence ”(XIII century). The cathedral is also known as St. Ivan of Trogir, the bishop of Trogir, who was the defender of the city.

It is entered through the Radovan Gate, which is considered to be the most significant Romanesque-Gothic work attractions in Croatia. The construction of the bell tower began in the 14th century and was completed only at the end of the 16th century. I advise you to climb to the top, the view is unique. The stairs to the top are narrow, at the moment you may have the feeling that you will fall down, but when you reach the top, just below the bell beauty! The most beautiful view over the city.

The walk can continue to one of the palaces or just get lost in the streets and drink a coffee in one of the many small cafes… You can also try the local fish delicacies, the city is famous for its good seafood. If you entered through the mainland, you also passed through the North Gate, which is the main point of access to the old town and dates back to the XVII century.

This small ancient island is a beautiful tale that leaves you breathless. Today, Trogir attracts many tourists, mostly because of its preserved old part of town.

The nearby island of Ciovo has many beautiful beaches and here during the summer months the crowds of tourists increase dramatically. Therefore, if you just want to enjoy the beauty of Trogir, I recommend you to visit it in the spring. Then the weather is relatively warm and pleasant, tourists are not so many and you can enjoy it in peace. Definitely worth spending time a few hours. This place is very similar to the sights of the Rab island Croatia, so don't miss this opportunity if you have enough time.

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