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Top attractions in Barcelona, the most beautiful not only in Spain but throughout Europe. It is very relative how many days you need to travel around the city. It depends on what interests you have and what you went there for. If we have to write specifically for us, the topic is quite long.

For example, I prefer to walk aimlessly and take pictures wherever I go. My wife wants to go shopping and the kids want sports outlets. Nevertheless, we manage to be together, and getting lost in Barcelona is not very difficult. I want to say one more thing that Barcelona is not just Anthony Gaudi. It is true that most of the architectural attractions in Barcelona are the work of this exquisite architect, but there are still things that can be seen.

We begin, of course, with Gaudi's greatest creation, namely the Sagrada Familia, or the Holy Family. Extremely crowded building, but also very majestic. If you look at it from the inside, it will seem a bit elementary, compared to the main facade. I liked the outside more, as most people do, of course. These sharp towers that rise over 170 meters are big Wow. The Sagrada Familia is still under construction and is expected to be completed in 2032. The other attraction I want to tell you about is Guell Park. It is again a creation of Gaudi. Bookmark and Share

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Here you will see so many statues, even the world will turn to you. As you go around it, you will feel as if you are in a few tales. In the middle there is a panoramic photo area. Park Guell is an ideal place to walk and relax outside the big city of Barcelona. I was impressed by two facades of buildings as I walked the streets. Tourists are crazy to take selfies in front of Casa Batillo and Casa Mila. I liked the first building more, because if you look closely you will see such well-made details that you will wonder how all this is done.

Apparently Anthony Gaudi has thought of everything. If you have time, especially in the evening you can watch the Montjuic fountains. The combination of sound and light can only compete with the singing fountains in Dubai. Of course, we can't miss Barcelona's Plaza de España. There are squares with this name in Rome, Madrid and Seville. Barcelona's Plaza de España is located in the southern part of the city.

On one side there are two tall towers, similar to the tower on St. Mark's Square in Venice. Opposite them is the fountain under Montjuic Hill, already mentioned. On the third side is the Museum of Catalan Art. We did not forget to take pictures in front of the Arc de Triomphe of Barcelona. It is approximately as tall as the one in Paris, but is entirely in red.

Architect Josep Vilaseca used red bricks, quite original, right? The coat of arms of Barcelona rises majestically in the middle above. The only green place in the 19th century was Ciudadela Park (Citadel). Here, in addition to places to walk, you will see a very well made cascade with falling water, the zoo and museums. Naturally, the Cascade in Ciudadela Park is the best place for photos.

There is some resemblance to the De Trevi Fountain in Rome. Let's mention the coastline of Barcelona. Most of beaches are north of the main port. All are spacious, with fine white sand. There are footpaths and bike lanes parallel to the beaches. We went for a few walks and we can only mention them: Playa de Bogatell, Sant Sebastia, Platja de la Nova Icaria, etc.

We were here for four days, but we didn't have enough. It is best to alternate a walk around the top attractions in Barcelona with a beach holiday. This way you will not get bored and you will have a great holiday in Spain.

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