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Architectural and natural landmarks in Austria one of my favorite countries in Europe, which I have visited several times. I have made a small summary of all my travels in Austria, as I have managed to photograph the most interesting both historically and naturally. Since most people travel to the big cities and visit gothic cathedrals, this travelogue will be for those who go off the popular tourist routes.

  • Schönbrunn Palace
  • Belvedere Palace
  • Complex Rathouse
  • Durnstein Hofburg Palace

Schönbrunn Palace - the summer residence of the Austrian kings, especially the Hapsburgs. One day you will not be able to see both the oldest zoo in Europe and the Schönbrunn Palace itself. Inside there are quite interesting tour galleries, picture statues, etc. Belvedere Palace Complex - consists of two large buildings. Gorno Belvedere has several galleries with paintings by the then famous artist Gustav Klimt. In the lower Belvedere there are many gilded halls with sculptures from the Middle Ages. Rathaus or better known as the City Hall of Vienna. Traditionally, every year there is a Christmas exhibition and a film festival on the square in front of the Rathaus. The building itself is very interesting as an architectural design. As I looked out the windows, I saw how many red flowers were placed on them. Melk Abbot - a large baroque ensemble on the UNESCO list. It is built on a rock above the Danube river. Bookmark and Share

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What are the architectural landmarks in Austria

Durnstein also known as the pearl of Wachau. It is a small town among Austrian vineyards, close to the Danube River. Free to visit as mountain tourism. You can walk around everything, the Baroque Church, the 15th-century Augustinian Monastery, the ruins of St. Kungigunigun Church and the old ruins in Austria castles of Durnstein Castle as long as you are prepared for it.

Hofburg Imperial Palace - in the past was the winter residence of the imperial family, and now the residence of the Austrian president. It has about 2600 halls and rooms after its last reconstruction. Here, for example, the French Queen Marie Antoinette was born, as well as part of the history of Adolf Hitler. That's all we've written about history and architecture.

Let us pay attention to the nature of Austria. It is mostly connected with the Alps and the lakes there. Of course, we can not fail to mention the beautiful cities built by the water without endangering the ecology of the area. We can take an example from the way of life of the people there. We won't talk about money or how much it costs, but it's really beautiful.

We start with the city of Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol, a winter resort and a three-time host of the Winter Olympics. This city is very close to Italy and Germany, so there are many students and tourists all year round. In winter, you can't find a place to sleep unless you've reserved one a few months before. The town of Hallstatt - the most beautiful and picturesque alpine town in Austria, located on Lake Hallstätter See.

Here above the city is the world's oldest salt mine - Salzwelten. Hallstatt is one of the 10 Austrian UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is no coincidence that because of its beauty this town was copied and built in distant China. Lake Achensee - its water is green to blue with a depth of 133 meters. Very clear water, the bottom can be seen up to 10 meters deep. Just to mention that it is very windy, which provides wonderful conditions for sailing. The temperature reaches 20-22 degrees in summer. It is not favorable for bathing, but on the other hand you can walk constantly. Tscheppaschlucht in Carinthia, Austria. The place is famous for its beautiful waterfalls and canyons. It takes a few hours for a basic tour and goes through quite steep places and stairs. Before reaching the river from the parking lot there is also a large adventure park.

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