Ancient city of Tikal Guatemala

Ancient city of Tikal Guatemala an exciting experience that we want you to witness in the next travelogue. The adventure in Guatemala continues with a visit to the ancient city of Tikal. We present to you the place where, according to the ancient Maya, the voices of the gods were heard. This is also the meaning of the name Tikal, the city you see in the pictures. Tikal is believed to have been one of the most powerful kingdoms of the ancient Maya. And it is believed to be the best-preserved ancient Mayan city to date. Tikal is not just ancient ruins, but a national park with a variety of animals and many monkeys flying over the heads of unsuspecting visitors. Impressive place isn't it? Have a nice virtual walk. I checked into the hotel near the entrance, which delayed me a bit, and by the time I entered the park, the sun was already dipping low over the horizon. I had to leave the group I entered with and the guide, but unfortunately I could not hear his lecture about the Mayans, I directly looked around for a position where I could photograph. I was wondering why they made it mandatory for the morning and evening hours in the park to be with a professional guide? Is it to protect the ruins from vandalism??

In the dark, the jungle is only for prepared and experienced people. It is no joke and one should carefully consider what one is doing. Yes, there are paths, but the dungeon is total, disorienting and the chance of getting lost is real. The next day, our guide confirmed my guess. In Tikal, which is the largest archaeological center of the Mayan civilization in Guatemala, see real Mayans who speak the authentic Mayan language and perform a ritual in front of you. Bookmark and Share

Tikal Guatemala photogallery

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What to see in the ancient city of Tikal

Sounds amazing right? In fact, Tikal is the largest and best-studied Mayan city. It is located near Lake Peten Itza in the department of the same name in Guatemala. It covers an area of about 16 sq km and only a third of it has been explored, but even this gives enough information about the life of the local tribes during the classic period. Numerous temples, stelae, altars and necropolises have been discovered on the territory of Tikal, which shed light on the mysterious world of the Maya and, on the other hand, open many more doors to the unknown, conjectures and hypotheses. A real challenge for seekers and inquisitive people! This is also complemented by the jungle in which the entire archaeological zone has sunk, like Palenque, Copan and Quirigua. The stone buildings literally emerge before our eyes from under branches and trunks, the roots penetrate between the rows of strictly arranged stones and become the guardians of their secrets. The tour of Tikal requires more than 4-5 hours, which pass almost imperceptibly. You can only feel the fatigue in the heavy legs, when at the end we collapse in front of a glass of cold beer in the middle of the jungle, under a canopy of palm branches. In addition to the fact that the larger territory of the country is protected by the status of a National Park and there is no hunting, also the spirit of the people - cheerful, smiling and happy. Yes, they are really happy against the background of great poverty, the sometimes primitive conditions in which they live, but they simply radiate an optimism and good mood that are energizing. Beyond the sights, contact with the locals, their traditions, culture and relationships are what give color and flavor to a place. The most interesting is the entry through Mexico along the Usumacinta River in Guatemala. The trip is about an hour on wooden boats and is one of the most impressive experiences. Undoubtedly, Tikal is the Mayan heritage that is at the center of tourist interest, but cities such as Flores and Antigua (the old capital) are by no means to be underestimated. Lake Atitlan with all the settlements on its shores, surrounded by five volcanoes is a truly magnetic place.

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