Alicante tourist attractions

Alicante tourist attractions, is wonderful city in Spain near Valencia and Barcelona. You can visit it for a weekend and see everything you need and deserve. You will even have time to lie on the beach if you are in the summer season. But let's start with our walk and tell you the most important things about it. Above all, Alicante is an architectural city with a rich history.

You will certainly not be disappointed, because the climate is pleasant almost all year round, the food is Mediterranean and delicious at the same time, and there is entertainment everywhere. As the city of Alicante is not as famous as the other cities on the Iberian Peninsula, there are not many tourists here.

The heritage of Alicante in the Middle Ages is rich. The Casa Carbonella building is the most beautiful of all listed, at least from my point of view, built in the period 1922-1925. It was owned by a rich man engaged in textile production.

If you look inside the building you will be amazed by the layout of the rooms and lounges. That's not all because the facade is even more amazing with the two towers. The Cathedral of San Nicolas, which is Catholic and inside is no different from the others I have visited in Europe. Bookmark and Share

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What are the most important sights in Alicante

  • The impressive Casa Carbonel building
  • City Hall
  • San Nicolas Cathedral
  • La Torreta Castle

The emblem of Alicante remains the castle of Santa Barbara. It is located on top of Benacantil Hill at an altitude of 166 meters. The fortress is on three levels and can be reached on foot, if the steps to the top are not a problem.

On the way up you will see: the Cuerpo de Guardia watchtower, the Baluarte de la Reina bastion, the Patio de Armas parade ground and the Revelin del Bon Repos fortress built in the 18th century. Those of you who like to be lazy have come to the right place.

The area around Alicante offers several beaches with very good conditions for relaxation. La Almadraba is the smallest of them, with few people coming here. The other two beaches of Cabo de las Huertas and San Juan beach (3 km long) are much larger and more visited, especially in summer. There are several other beaches such as El Postige and Urbanova.

If you still have free time to waste, visit several museums, the most important being the Baroque Museum of Contemporary Art. It is located next to the chapel of Santa Maria. An interesting fact is that in the past it had another purpose, such as a grain warehouse and a school. The Fogueres Museum and the Gravina Museum of Fine Arts are not very interesting, so we do not recommend them.

The climate is pleasant due to the location of Alicante in the southeastern part of Spain. It is located on the Mediterranean coast, near Murcia, Albacete and Valencia. The mountains to the north are a source of coolness in summer and a protective wall for winds in winter.

If you have a yacht, this is the ideal option to dock at the port. For me personally, the marinade is not inferior to that of Monaco. I arranged it in such an order from Castillo de Santa Barbara.

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