Abel Tasman National Park New Zealand

Abel Tasman National Park, my last destination for 2020. It is located at the northern end of the South Island of New Zealand. Very beautiful place! The starting point for its exploration is a small town called Kaiteriteri or Marahau. There one can catch a small ship like the one I uploaded, which goes around the coast and docks at various beaches.

The idea is for a person to go down to a beach and make a hike to another beach. The hikes themselves are not very difficult. As you climb to the top of the hills, wonderful views are revealed. It is also full of all kinds of wildlife - birds (oyster catchers, shags, weka), seals, dolphins, etc. In short - I am very impressed!

Very interesting place, which is quite far from Europe and America. But for New Zealanders it is a real paradise and a wonderful adventure in nature. Here you can see quite remarkable granite cliffs, wooded hills, sandy beaches and coastal hiking trails. The flora and fauna are well preserved, which is completely natural because the population of people in this area is small. Bookmark and Share

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What is Abel Tasman National Park

  • Tonga Island
  • Split apple rock
  • Bark bay
  • Awaroa Bay
  • Torrent Bay
  • Tinline Bay

Even after the creation of the park in 1942, there are clearly defined rules for where to camp, walk and hunt. Visitors can enjoy everything they see and capture it in quality photos. In its sea part, the most famous place is the beautiful Golden Bay.

Right here is an incredible natural phenomenon - "Split apple rock". It is a split in two rock, which is well rounded. In the park there is a wonderful natural monument - "Split apple rock". There is one notable place located at the southern end of New Zealand - Abel Tasman National Park. The park is located on the shores of the beautiful "Golden Bay".

The shore of the park is the first place where the foot of the navigator Abel Tasman - the discoverer of New Zealand. 350 years ago, the sailor Abel Tasman, who as we know is the discoverer of New Zealand, set foot in these places for the first time. Tourists often describe this place as a tropical paradise, caressed by the light sea breeze and the hot summer sun. There are wonderful conditions for swimming in the ocean, because the water is very clean and the bay is shallow.

There is one water attraction that you should not miss and it is a canoe trip. This way you will see places that are inaccessible from the land. To know where you are in Abel Tasman National Park, it's a good idea to download the Google app for the virtual visitor center. This way you will save a lot of time and visit more places. There is an option to hire a guide, but it will be quite expensive.

The most visited mountain trails by tourists are six. Be prepared for surprises, wear sunscreen, a waterproof jacket and comfortable shoes. We also recommend that you follow the weather forecast so that you are not surprised by rain and wind, which happens quite often.

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