Most beautiful natural attractions in Ecuador

Natural attractions in Ecuador are among the most spectacular and most beautiful on earth. The country is one of the few in the world which the equator through. On the way to Cuenca necessarily visit the ruins of the Inca cities Ingapirca, the most important monument of Ecuador before the colonization by Spain. We are happy that Chris Bailes of RHS Rosemoor will be leading this tour.

Chris is a special guide to plants and will tell us about orchids to enjoy the wide range of species in their Natural attractions in Ecuador. This offer is for 12 nights and 2985 £. Visit the island of Santa Cruz - next Natural attractions in Ecuador.

Here is the research center for the natural history of the Charles Darwin Station. Centre Charles Darwin is responsible for protecting the environment of the Galapagos Islands.

On the island of Bartolome and North Seymour Island may see sinyokraki and frigatni birds and seals and other tropical birds.

On the island of Santa Fe, which is famous for its colony of seals can take a boat trip. If you have free time explore the island Florea, because there is coral formation called "The Devil's Crown". Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Ecuador, Cultural Heritage

It is a formation in the crater of an underwater volcano. Among animal representatives of this island can specify different types of flamingos, turtles and large crabs. Isabela Island was our last walk Natural attractions in Ecuador.

Here you will witness the numerous seals and iguanas that soaking in the sun. Climb the plateau of the island to explore the nearby islands of high. Ecuador's name comes from the fact that the equator passes through the country. Located in the northwestern part of attractions in South America and offers amazing range of flora and fauna and one of the most varied ecosystems in the world.

Amazing Natural attractions in Ecuador

For lovers of orchids, this is paradise - in four plants there is an orchid and number of varieties is a huge.

As you may be sure there are innumerable species grown in their natural habitats. And what more we can enjoy - cloud forests in the Andes, where as yet has active volcanoes that chilling breath and we are one of the most spectacular landscapes on Earth.

Alpine plants and epiphytes as bromelii most cultivated species in gardens, national parks, forests and jungle.

As we travel from north to south, one of the highlights fascinating country is the ability to straighten the leg, each in a different hemisphere!

Let's start with attractive capital Quito with an altitude of about 3000m. Visit the Botanical Garden, as a beginning and get to know the flora of the northern Andes. Visit the beautiful gardens of Hacienda Cusin and Pakakuna and El Pahuma and Reserve Orchid.

Let's cross the equator on our way to Minden, area of forests with breathtaking variety of flowers and wildlife. From here we turn south, traveling through a series of volcanoes and great mountain scenery Baños, where we will enjoy the peace and quiet of the rainforest, learn about local cultures and with a little luck to see the wild llamas, alpacas and vicunas. For more travel attractions click...

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